Tenshi no 3P! Episode #06

Well, looks like the girls at Little Wing are getting more exposure after Kyo Nukui created a PV for them.

Now, Kyo-nii will teach them how to make lyrics for their new song because Jun, Nozomi, and Sora will have to sharpen their music skills if they want to go professional later…

And speaking of Zomi-tan, she’s having a hard time making lyrics relating to herself, her feelings, etc.

As for Jun Gotou, seems that she’s done writing one but Jun is too shy to show her lyrics to both Sora and Nozomi.

Anyways, time for something dramatic as I introduce you to Alice Stevenson where she came to Japan to discuss something related to Nozomi Momijidani.

Case in point, this British guy named Ryan Brunell who wants to adopt Nozomi after seeing the PV. In fact, Ryan saw Nozomi Momijidani much like his deceased daughter Lisa, who is actually Nozomi’s mother before coming to the orphanage.

Still, it’s a tough situation for her as while she has Ryan Brunell as her only relative, Nozomi couldn’t say good bye to both Jun Gotou and Sora Kaneshiro as they’re very inseparable. Heck, they don’t want their band getting disbanded as the girls wanted their orphanage to remain standing!

So after some careful consideration, Kyo Nukui convinced Nozomi Momijidani to stay in Japan instead of moving to the United Kingdom with her grandfather.

Even though she has relatives to return to, Nozomi wants to stay with Jun and Sora.

As you can see, both Jun Gotou and Sora Kaneshiro couldn’t hold their true feelings towards Nozomi.

I must say that despite being catered to lolicons out there, this week’s episode of Tenshi no 3P! proves that it’s not some generic trashy show should you go deeper to its premise of cute lolis rocking it out!

Now that this week’s crisis is over, it’s time for the trio to hold another concert.

This time, Jun and her friends will perform their new song with lyrics written by them.

And here’s both Alice Stevenson and Ryan Brunell as they’re okay with Nozomi staying in Japan with her two true companions!

One last thing about their band name, it’s not gonna be Little Wing by the way… but rather their band will be called Lein de famille which means “family bonds” in French. This is very fitting for Jun and her friends plus Masayoshi-san and Sakura-neechan as they’re united as one family regardless of where they came from.

With that said, what a great ending on this week’s episode of Tenshi no 3P! I’ll see you next time and I wanna see either Jun or Sora becoming the main focus on Episode 7.

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