NEW GAME!! Episode #06

Well, it seems that Nene Sakura has finally finished her game simply titled Nene Quest.

For Nenecchi, it’s a great achievement that she managed to program a game thanks to Umiko’s advice and her debugging experience.

So with that said, Nenecchi showed her game to both Aocchi and Hotarun where they enjoyed playing it.

Yeah, her game looks amateurish, but Nene put her heart and soul into making her first game. Maybe someday, she might become one of the programmers in Eagle Jump.

By the way, the one who’s sitting beside Shizuku Hazuki is the producer from Honbundo, Christina Wako Yamato.

Anyways, Christina said that her company loved PECO that it needs a key visual for Eagle Jump’s new game.

Unfortunately, Christina Wako Yamato wanted Kou Yagami to do the key visual instead of Aoba Suzukaze, despite Aoba being the character designer of PECO.

Of course, Yagami would not do it as it would be unfair for Suzukaze to be overshadowed by her. As for Aoba, she’s okay for having Kou Yagami on doing the key visual, but deep down in her heart that she wanted to make one.

But you know what, Shizuku Hazuki has decided that another competition will be held between Aoba Suzukaze and Kou Yagami in order to see whose key visual will be used to promote PECO.

And so, it’s up to both Suzukaze and Yagami on making the best key visual for Eagle Jump’s new game.

While Kou-san might be the favorite due to her experience as a character designer, let’s not forget about Aoba-chan as she’s doing her best to create a key visual that will make a big impact.

Eventually, she created this magnificent artwork fitting for PECO.

Too bad that Aoba’s key visual was not selected, but then again it would be a waste if her artwork was not used. Maybe Aoba’s key visual will be used as the final cover for Eagle Jump’s new game.

With that said, I’ll see you next time and I can’t wait for more developments on PECO!

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