Gamers! Episode #06

Hi everyone, and it seems that things are escalating quickly as Chiaki Hoshinomori thinks that Keita Amano is gloating about his girlfriend Aguri (which is not by the way).

As for Tasuku Uehara, seems that he felt guilty about being a two-timing bastard!

Speaking of Tasuku’s alleged cheating, looks like Hoshinomori is implying that Uehara loves Karen Tendou. But you know what, I think Tasuku is making his move (albeit unintentionally) towards Chiaki-chan.

By the way, see that pink-haired girl over there? Looks like that person overheard the conversation between Uehara and Hoshinomori.

Turns out that it’s none other than Aguri as she’s devastated that her boyfriend is cheating. Damn, I feel bad for Aguri-chan…

Also, she’s joined by Keita Amano who couldn’t believe on what her heard. Seriously, this goddamn misunderstanding needs to stop!

Now then, it’s time for Aguri-san to give some advice on Keita-kun when it comes to making his move towards Karen Tendou. Then again, he’s a measly flea compared to Karen as she the butterfly or the queen bee to everybody.

Still, let’s hope that Amano won’t get bitter on being rejected by Tendou. But you know what, I think he should stick to Hoshinomori since they’re playing the same smartphone game!

Meanwhile, here’s Karen Tendou as she’s listening to Eiichi Misumi’s advice on how to deal with relationship, specifically on how to accept someone’s feelings like Keita Amano for example. I mean, Karen couldn’t think straight lately because of Keita-kun!

Still, I feel that Karen might reject Keita’s feelings and turn him into a laughing stock within Otobuki High School!

Anyways, it’s time for the main event where Keita Amano is about to confront Karen Tendou after-school.

As for these three, I feel that they’re plotting something regarding both Amano and Tendou. But you know what, fuck their schemes as I want this misunderstanding to be cleared up right now!

Now then, it’s up to Keita Amano as he muster his courage to tell his true feelings towards Karen Tendou and become her boyfriend… not like he would do that though!

However, it appears that Karen accepted Keita’s confession like it was nothing. Um Tendou, I feel that what you said towards Keita-kun will send shockwaves towards the whole campus!

And lo and behold, the whole campus goes wild as Otobuki’s school idol is now in love towards a dweeb like Keita Amano!

Oh and as for Chiaki, Tasuku, and Aguri-san, they got shocked with Karen’s answer. Dammit, cue the flying pigs ’cause this series is getting more insane!

With that said, I feel that it’s no longer an anime series about gamers as it’s become a true rom-com. Oh boy, I wonder what’s gonna happen next?

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  1. Karandi says:

    The gamers thing is definitely getting sidelined for the romcom here, but it is still kind of fun.

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