Re:CREATORS Episode #18

Oh boy, lot of shit has happened on this week’s episode of Re:CREATORS and let’s start things off with Magane Chikujouin, tormenting or even triggering Souta Mizushino’s feelings while eating a burger!

After all, the most dangerous person is not the military-clad princess Altair, but rather a certain Izaya Heiwajima-expy named Magane. Let’s hope that someone would put more “ketchup” into Magane’s burger…

Now then, let’s go back to Shuuma Suruga as she’s still standing after Blitz Talker shoot her in the gut.

Of course, being a defiant, chain-smoking creator that she is, Suruga revealed that Erina’s revival was made possible thanks to Meteora Estherreich in which her magic has resurrected a dead character from Blitz’s world.

But let’s go back to Erina as she’s happy to see her father again. Isn’t nice that Erina still loves Papa Blitz after he’s forced to blow her head off?

But yeah, it’ll be a shame for Blitz to kill her off again ’cause Erina Talker is the cutest character that must be protected. With that said, I’m hoping that Blitz might change sides.

As for Shuuma-san, looks like she’ll be okay as the author of “code.Babylon” is being carried by the JSDF. C’mon, she wants her manga to be finished and leaves a lasting impression to her readers!

Meanwhile, the battle continues between Yuuya Mirokuji and Shou Hakua as the former is being pushed back by the latter because Yuuya lost his Astra Double Hangaku. Blame Magane for stealing his partner!

Suddenly, a certain Hikayu Hoshikawa appeared out of nowhere as she’s wearing a qipao and wielding a nunchaku!

Oh, and Hikayu punched Shou Hakua so hard that he’s been pushed back. Wow, that’s some good To Heart 2: Dungeon Travelers shit right here!

And you know what, even Nishio Onishi agreed that he took some notes from Aquaplus in regards to his revisions with Hikayu-chan!

Now then, let’s go back to Souta Mizushino as he’s venting his anger for being called a monster just like Magane.

Um Souta-kun, you know that Chikujouin is playing your feeling until she can warp anything that it true into lies, right?

I mean, look at Chikujouin as she’s used her powers to distort anything as long as the victim got sucked into Magane’s lies!

On the other hand though, seems that Chikujouin just gave Hangaku back to Mirokuji with a snap of her finger.

Wait, what the hell is going on here? Is Magane helping the good guys or she’s still planning to screw them over, including Souta Mizushino? Regardless on what happened here, I still don’t trust Magane at all!

Also, Blitz Talker is here and Shou Hakua expects him to take out both Hikayu Hoshikawa and Yuuya Mirokuji, right?

Nope, Blitz Talker thinks otherwise as with Erina’s return from the dead, Blitz has decided to help both Yuuya and Hikayu on defeating Shou and eventually Altair!

Looks like the tables has been turned for the protagonist of “Lockout Ward underground-dark night”.

And it’s more evident when Hikayu unleashed her ultimate move: Gekisatsu Cosmo Jigoku Ken!

Well, looks like Shou won’t get beaten by either Blitz or his eternal rival Yuuya…

…but rather a mere girl who came from an all-ages version of an eroge. Hats off to Hikayu for becoming a badass martial artist!

Oh yeah, there’s more coming from Yuuya Mirokuji as he revealed that it’s not him who killed Shou’s sister and his friend, but rather the fortune teller who gave Hakua his own Astra Double Bayard.

And you know what, that’s a fuckin’ spoiler right there as Mirokuji’s reveal has shocked everybody!

Hell, even Ryo Yatoji couldn’t believe that his creation just spilled the beans on the final boss. Looks like Yatoji will have to do some damage control after the Elimination Chamber Festival is over…

Lastly, here’s Rui Kanoya as he prepares to punch Altair with his Gigas Machina… with the help from Meteora, of course!

Oh, and let’s throw in some Alisteria February as it turns out that she’s working with Rui and Meteora on how to defeat the military-clad princess… for Mamika Kirameki’s sake!

With that said, time for Selesia Yupitilia to use her trump card against Altair.

I mean, this military-clad princess is so OP with so many powers that she has thanks to her dedicated fans… until Altair blows them up!

And what a way for Selesia to put her Vogelchevalier to good use is to create some magic…

…so that she can seal Altair into a box of shame. Looks like Altair will be finished as she couldn’t use her sabers to defend herself!

This gives both Rui Kanoya and Alisteria February the opportunity to punch the military-clad princess and save the world.

However, their attacks got cut short when a black-colored Vogelchevalier stomped both Rui’s Gigas Machina and Alisteria.

Oh boy, could it be that Altair send that certain character after so much teasing from previous episodes?

Well, say hello to Selesia’s partner named Charon as he’s here to assist the military-clad princess.

Oh and look at Charon, he’s got those dull eyes and come to think of it, I remember something in previous episode that Takashi Matsubara and Marine mentioned that someone would betray Selesia Yupitilia in the novels. Could this be that Charon is the one who’ll betray Selesia in the original source material?

But you know what, I think it’s already happened right here at the Elimination Chamber Festival and you know what, Selesia Yupitilia’s seiyuu Mikako Komatsu couldn’t believe it! Anyways, I’ll see you next time as there’s four episodes to go!

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