Sakura Quest Episode #20

This is Ryotaro Kurose as he’s here to pick the best actresses for his next film. Of course, Maki Midorikawa managed to make it to the auditions but will she get in?

Well, the answer is no as Maki didn’t get selected in the end. As much as she tries her best, seems that Midorikawa will return home in defeat with tears flowing down.

Damn, that’s very unfortunate and I was hoping that the audition could potentially put Maki on the spotlight. I guess that the director saw nothing interesting from Midorikawa…

Meanwhile back in Manoyama, Queen Yoshino Koharu and her royal court are doing something regarding the abandoned school building… by using it as a multi-purpose venue of some sort.

Then again, who wants to visit an abandoned middle school just to eat free curry rice? I mean, it’s not appetizing when the school is in ruins and it’s about to get demolished anyway!

Fortunately, they got a customer in the form of Maki Midorikawa. Then again, she’s hungry after a long and disappointing trip to Tokyo.

Anyways, while they’re chowing down on curry, it’s time for Queen Yoshino and her friends to come up with a plan to turn Manoyama Second Middle School into something useful before its eventual demise.

So their plan would be holding a closing ceremony in which they’ll invite the remaining alumni and throw parties and performances so that the school will end with a bang!

Of course, they need permission from Maki’s father because he’s a major influence when it comes to Manoyama’s education system.

Just kidding about being the head honcho for Mr. Midorikawa, but having him would be beneficial for the future of Manoyama Second Middle School. But what could it be?

Anyways, it’s time for the closing ceremony as Queen Yoshino Koharu becomes the MC of this event.

And look, it’s jam-packed where the likes of Ushimatsu Kadota, Chitose Oribe, and Takamizawa are here to witness their beloved middle school having a proper closure.

By the way, Queen Yoshino won’t become the main event for this ceremony…

Instead, it’ll be Maki Midorikawa and fellow actors and actresses who got out of retirement to perform “Blood-soaked Santa”, based on a rumor where Santa Claus lurks around Manoyama soaked in blood obviously!

Of course, despite having the stage play being a silly take of a rumor, this is Maki’s time to shine as she rekindles the passion of acting in front of an audience!

And now, the climax of the stage play as Santa Maki and her trusty reindeer revealed an art-piece that commemorates the foundation of Manoyama Second Middle School.

Y’know, having that massive but gorgeous artwork makes me very teary upon seeing it!

And look, the crowd loved it as the “Blood-soaked Santa” stage play has ended in a happier note.

With that said, the Manoyama Second Middle School has officially closed, and it’s about to get demolished after the ceremony is over!

But wait, it’s not over yet as Queen Yoshino revealed that the school won’t be demolished after all. Rather, they’ll use the school as a place for spreading the culture of Manoyama.

Basically from what I’ve said earlier, they turn the school into a multi-purpose venue, from a hotel to a concert hall! Well, glad that Queen Yoshino and her royal court will put the middle school to a new lease of life instead of destroying it. Now the only thing left is who will occupy one part of the school.

One last thing, seems that the hanging drum will be taken away… for repairs. Man, I thought those guys are confiscating one of Manoyama’s sacred treasures and throw it away in a trash compactor.

Also, it turns out that Santa Claus foot the bill on repairing the hanging drum, which surprised Yoshino Koharu and her friends upon hearing it. Then again, there’s speculation that Maki’s father paid the repairs, but alas we’ll never know the truth…

With that said, I’ll see you next time as Yoshino Koharu and her friends have one more treasure to find in order to bring back the Mizuchi Festival!

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