Symphogear AXZ Episode #06

After a long hiatus (Blame Commie Subs for the delays), Symphogear AXZ is back as we start right off with Maria Cadenzavna Eve and Elfnein having a bad dream. C’mon, Elfnein dive into Maria’s subconsciousness to find the missing piece for the LiNKER drug.

Then again, who’s tormenting both girls while the Bavarian Illuminati are wrecking havoc outside the laboratory?

Well, say hello to Dr. Dr. John Wayne Vercingetorix, also known as Dr. Ver.

Yes, he’s back and even in death or should I say in her dreams, Dr. Ver is still an asshole as he torments Maria about her painful past! More on that later…

Meanwhile, it’s time for the main trio to take on the dragon-type Alca-Noise and save the civilians like they always do.

As you can see, both Hibiki Tachibana and Tsubasa Kazanari made short work on defeating the boss.

Oh and to make sure that the giant Alca-Noise is dead, Chris Yukine unleash a barrage of missiles and other munitions at it!

Unfortunately, destroying the dragon-type Alca-Noise will simply split into three or even more of it, making this battle into a war of attrition.

Seriously, the alchemists knows that the Symphogear users couldn’t keep up when their Alca-Noises are spawning endlessly and throwing right at Hibiki and her friends!

Now let’s go back to Maria and Elfnein as go even deeper into Maria’s past. Yeah, it’s the same thing where Prof. Nastassja tortures her and Serena until they become Finé’s vessels.

But despite all the torture and the harsh training that she throw at Maria and Serena, Prof. Nastassja still cares for both of them. It’s just that she’s giving them tough love so that they live strong and not die quickly.

Then again, there’s Serena Cadenzavna Eve as she performed her swan song at the start of Symphogear G. It went downhill for Maria ever since…

Of course, the only thing that Maria needs to do is to confront her dark past and move onto the future.

And you know what, that’s the secret on unlocking the ingredient for the LiNKER drug. Basically, it’s love!

Now let’s go back to Hibiki Tachibana as her fellow Symphogear users are tired upon destroying hordes of Alca-Noise.

To make things much worse for them, Saint-Germain’s stealth airship has come to play as she and her fellow alchemists are ready to beat them while they’re exhausted!

Unfortunately, SONG has other plans as Elfnein managed to not only wake up from Maria’s mind, but also finishes the LiNKER drug in the nick of time!

As you can see, Shirabe Tsukuyomi has returned to battle against the alchemists…

…starting with Prelati as she has that deranged smile similar to Dr. Ver. Wait, is she the second coming of that doctor who wants to be a hero!?

But nevertheless, Shirabe confronts Prelati as she turns her skirt into a buzzsaw… with lots of twirling!

Also, Cagliostro went to fight against Kirika Akatsuki as it turns out that the transsexual alchemist controls the dragon-type Alca-Noise.

Oh yeah, and Cagliostro mocks Kirika for using drugs to transform. Really Cagliostro, the LiNKER drug is made to resonate between the relics and the user, but this time Elfnein recreated it with a dash to love!

It might be cheesy from what I said just now, but the drug works for Maria and her companions. Then again, where’s Maria Cadenzavna Eve?

Oh, she’s here at Lydian Academy as Maria defends Hibiki’s school from becoming Alca-Noise wasteland.

On the other hand, I hope she and her trusty Airgetlám will last long as the dragon-type Alca-Noise can split into multiple copies and tire Maria out.

Now let’s go back to both Kirika and Shirabe as they combine their powers for a devastating kick at the alchemists.

Of course, there’s one alchemist who stands in their way as Saint-Germain appeared to defend both Prelati and Cagliostro…

…by creating a barrier between the alchemists and the combined power of both Kirika and Shirabe!

Then again, I don’t think Saint-Germain’s barrier will last long against the Symphogear users!

With that said, Saint-Germain’s barrier broke free, but the alchemists managed to get away as both Kirika and Shirabe delivered a double Rider Kick against their airship!

And lo and behold, it goes does into a ball of fire and shrapnel. Y’know, it would be better if the Bavarian Illuminati would create a stronger airship, but the Lodgemaster is busy flirting with Tiki!

But anyways, looks like the alchemists have donned their Faust Robes and Saint-Germain is about to shoot at one of the Symphogear users.

And it seems that the first victim will be Kirika Akatsuki. Oh shit, looks like Kirika has little time to react to Saint-Germain’s bullets!

Not until Hibiki Tachibana managed to stop a bullet… with her bare hands! Looks like Saint-Germain has underestimate them as they have a strong will to fight against the alchemists.

Oh, and it appears that the alchemists are outnumbered as the Symphogear users have finally assembled.

But you know what, Saint-Germain and her comrades won’t get fazed by them as they revealed that they go to the moon and destroy what remains of Finé’s legacy. And even if they managed to destroy the relics, they’ll get discarded by Adam Weishaupt ’cause he’s a jerkass god!

Anyways, I’ll see you next time… once Commie Subs managed to release Episode 7.

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