Symphogear AXZ Episode #07

This is Saint-Germain and as you can see, she and her fellow alchemists will do anything to set humanity free from the curse of balal. Basically, the Bavarian Illuminati will destroy the relics so that humans will live in peace.

Then again, killing a bunch of people just to achieve their dreams is no different from Adam Weishaupt, who wants to rule humanity and screw them over like a hedonist! And besides, Saint-Germain is being treated like shit!

But you know what, there’s another character who’s suffered a lot for being the only survivor of the Zwei Wing concert tragedy and hell, Hibiki Tachibana will show Saint-Germain that she sympathize her…

…by using Hibiki’s fists! Well Saint-Germain, looks like your attacks won’t work this time around since Hibiki can stop a bullet or even punch it with her hands.

And lo and behold, looks like Saint-Germain got into a corner that she decided to make her escape.

Anyways, the alchemists will be retreating for now but the Symphogear users needs to tighten their guard at all times if the Bavarian Illuminati would attack them again!

Meanwhile, looks like Elfnein is working hard to find ways to counter the Philosopher’s Stone that Commander Genjuro Kazanari is worried about her well-being.

I must say that she’s doing her best, but Elfnein needs to be careful since her body was revived thanks to Carol Malus Dienheim.

On the other hand, Elfnein finds a breakthrough as she found the answer that would counteract the Faust Robes’ powers.

It turns out that the discarded remains of Gungnir from Hibiki Tachibana, or Fool’s Gold as Chris Yukine would call it, would be useful against the alchemists.

Anyways, SONG has decided to find the elusive Fool’s Gold by going to one of the floating structures where the Symphogear users previously defeated one of the Auto-Scorers.

And seriously, finding one essesnce of Gungnir’s discarded remains is like finding a needle in a haystack.

With that said, Tsubasa-san, Maria, and Hibiki are searching for it underwater…

…all while having a commotion where the Bavarian Illuminati went to play by sending their Alca-Noises.

Seriously, it was a bad timing for Saint-Germain and her two alchemists to come here and ruin SONG’s day!

Now then, it’s up to Chris Yukine and her two junior Symphogear users to stop both Cagliostro and Prelati.

By the way, you think that Chris-chan is shooting an arrow against Cagliostro at point-blank range?

Not quite though as Chris Yukine sent Kirika Akatsuki straight to Shirabe Tsukuyomi. Well, Cagliostro didn’t see that coming!

With that said, both Kirika and Shirabe combined their powers by singing in unison…

…and unleash an ultimate attack that they don’t need to use the Ignite Module to defeat one alchemist! I mean, the Dainsleif relic is weak against the Philosopher’s Stone.

And here’s Prelati as she’s blown away by the combined power of both Kirika Akatsuki and Shirabe Tsukuyomi.

While she’ll be back in later episodes, looks like the alchemists has lost this battle. Now the only thing that the Symphogear users will do now is the find the remains of the Fool’s Gold and use is as a power-up device.

Lastly, here’s Adam Weishaupt as he’s still chilling out together with his waifu Auto-Scorer Tiki.

Also, he suggested that Saint-Germain should sacrifice her comrades to complete the ritual on going to the lunar ruins and destroy Finé’s legacy… so that Adam can replace her as god of the new world. I won’t be surprised that if the ritual is complete.

With that said, looks like Commie Subs are catching up with Symphogear AXZ. So tune in next time as Hibiki Tachibana and her fellow Symphogear users will get that upgrade from Elfnein!

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