NEW GAME!! Episode #07

Here’s Aoba Suzukaze and Umiko Ahagon as they’re about to meet their new prospect for Eagle Jump…

…which turned out to be Nene Sakura. Wow Nenecchi, you came back to Eagle Jump after a long time as a part-time debugger!

Then again, she’s a bit nervous since Aocc- I mean Suzukaze-san is observing Sakura-san on whether she’s good for the company or not.

Fortunately for Nene Sakura, she felt a sigh of relief when Umiko Ahagon told Nenecchi that she passed the interview, therefore Sakura-san is hired and she’ll be working at Eagle Jump… for 3 months.

Why 3 months if you may ask? Well, Nene is currently studying and c’mon, she can’t work full-time until Sakura is graduated from college. Of course, Nenecchi will have to make a good impression within these 3 months at Eagle Jump. Heck, she might become a regular if Nene did well!

Meanwhile, here’s Christina Wako Yamato as she’s bawling over her superiors’ decision to choose Kou Yagami’s promotional artwork over Aoba Suzukaze. Heck, she’s thinking that the character design team hates her for displacing Aoba-chan!

After all, Suzukaze became a freaking character designer for Eagle Jump’s latest game project, but being displaced by a veteran when it comes to promotional art is kinda sad that Aoba’s artwork is not being showcased around Japan or even the world.

With that said, Shizuku Hazuki told Christina Wako Yamato to approach the character design team, but it seems that Aoba Suzukaze makes her move instead of Christina-san.

Unfortunately for Christina, looks like she’s shaking as it turns out that the producer of Honbundo doesn’t like being touched or getting closer to other people.

Oh boy, looks like Christina Wako Yamato has the same predicament as Hifumi Takimoto. But unlike Hifumi-sempai, seems that Christina’s social interaction problems is a bit worse than Takimoto.

Finally, Eagle Jump has recruited two interns from a game design school in Tokyo. On the left is Momiji Mochizuki who was inspired by Kou Yagami to become a designer, while on the right is Tsubame Narumi who aspires to become a programmer.

While Tsubame is somewhat carefree and a bit of a prankster, Momiji (or Momo) always mumbles a lot and has some trouble interacting with other people…

…particularly Aoba Suzukaze, in which Mochizuki sees her as a rival. I mean, she loves Kou Yagami’s design so much that when Momiji heard that Aoba-san became a character designer for PECO, she was disappointed.

But you know what, screw preferences as Aoba-chan worked hard to become a character designer and she deserved the spotlight! Anyways, let’s wait and see if Momiji and Tsubame will get used to working at Eagle Jump on the next episode… Oh, and let’s not forget about Nene too.

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