Tenshi no 3P! Episode #07

Hey everyone, looks like Kyo Nukui and Sakura Toriumi received an invitation where Lein de famille got an invitation letter to perform at the Soryu Islands.

Then again, there’s no indication on who sent this letter to the girls at Little Wing. At worst, it could be a scam, a ploy to trap the girls, or both. The possibility is endless and Masayoshi Sawatari wouldn’t like his girls getting caught in some trouble!

Eventually, it was later revealed that the person who sent the letter is none other than Kyo- I mean Hibiki’s online friend Kiriyumi, who has collaborated with him previously by providing artwork.

By the way, this is Kiriyume’s online appearance in which she’s bossy towards Hibiki…

And this is Kiriyume’s real-life appearance under the name of Yuzuha Aigae, who is well-stacked and not to mention having that tan-lines!

Hell, even Kyo Nukui is surprised by Yuzuha’s appearance but let’s face it, Kyo’s eyes will roll towards Jun Gotou and her friends because he loves lolis.

And that’s where Yuzu- I mean Kiriyume’s real plan kicks in as she tries to break away the girls from Kyo Nukui ’cause Yuzuha is in love with her online pal. Damn, Kyo-kun is attracting girls left and right that I wanna know his secret!

One more thing, Yuzuha shows her illustrations to Kyo Nukui and his “informal” harem. It looks good, but there’s one thing I forgot to tell you… Drawing at the sacred mountains is bad and Yuzuha (or Kiriyume) might get punished for that!

Anyways, I’ll see you next time and while Lein de famille is preparing for a live gig at Soryu Islands, Yuzuha will try to separate Jun, Nozomi, and Sora away from Kyo-kun. Let’s hope that she won’t succeed!

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