Sakura Quest Episode #21

Hey everyone, let’s start things off with Shiori Shinomiya driving at a snowy night, together with Maki Midorikawa and Ririko Oribe. Yeah, it’s a normal day in Manoyama…

…except that they encountered a young hitchhiker who wanted to go to Tokyo. Hmm, I wonder who that person is?

Turns out, this hitchhiker is none other than Erika and she hated staying in Manoyama, therefore Erika decided to move into Tokyo and live to her unrevealed dream.

As much as she wanted to move to the city, Erika might get intimidated upon moving to Tokyo and honestly, the likes of Yoshino Koharu and Maki Midorikawa went there and achieve nothing. Heck, let’s not forget about Sanae Kouzuki and her workaholic lifestyle in Tokyo that she almost died from overwork.

For the time being, Erika will stay at the dorm while inform her guardian Angelica about it. I mean, it’s dangerous outside the dorms!

Now then, it’s time for both Sanae Kouzuki and Yoshino Koharu to talk to various shop owners about the Mizuchi Festival.

Yeah, seems that the Board of Merchants agreed to their proposal, but Chitose Oribe told them to talk to various owners who are staying at their shops. Most of them agreed to sponsor the event, which Queen Yoshino and Sanae-san felt accomplished even for a tiny bit.

However, not all of them are keen into participating in the planned revival of the Mizuchi Festival, as Noge explained to Queen Yoshino that some shop owners are satisfied with their own lives than doing business as usual when people are not visiting Manoyama.

Well, I guess Yoshino Koharu couldn’t help it. But you know what, I believe that Queen Yoshino and her royal court will eventually revive Manoyama, it’s just that they need to find one treasure in order to bring back the Mizuchi Festival, which is the elusive Golden Dragon that serves as the ornament to one of the shrine floats.

Meanwhile, here’s both Kindaichi and Takamizawa as they’re having a drink at Angelica’s cafe.

By the way, both Kindaichi and Takamizawa are childhood friends together with Noge and they have some aspiring dreams when growing up together. Well, only Noge’s dream became a reality though…

On the other hand, they talked about their childhood memories where they found a Shining Dragon and buried somewhere, only to be opened when a certain condition has been reached.

Hmm, Shining Dragon? That’s sounds like a certain sacred treasure! Could it be that both Kindaichi and Takamizawa are talking about the Golden Dragon?

Well, let’s find out as Takamizawa, Kindaichi, and Noge are about to uncover it on the next episode!

And even if they managed to exhume it, Queen Yoshino and her friends will have to decipher the code and it won’t be easy.

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