Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e Episode #07

This is Suzune Horikita as she’s going outside from her apartment even though it’s a waste of time…

And to prove that it’s a waste of time, Suzune saw both Yousuke Hirata and Kei Karuizawa hanging out. Those goddamn normies!

Anyways, time for a beach episode and damn, I have to say that Honami Ichinose is well-stacked when wearing a bikini. As expected from the representative of B-Class!

Of course, both Airi Sakura and Kikyou Kushida won’t be beaten by the likes of Ichinose when it comes to breasts side, but then again Sakura-san hides her big tits in her rash guard.

With that said, it’s just your typical beach/pool episode… except that it wasn’t the case for this week!

In fact, some D-Class students like Sotomura have decided to cook up a plan to peep on naked girls at the dressing room!

Oh boy, they sure want to go all out and live their male fantasies, but there’s one problem…

You see, even though one of Sotomura’s comrades have finally installed the hidden cameras, that person couldn’t get out because he’ll encounter Kakeru Ryuuen and the rest of C-Class.

I mean, Ryuuen has a scary black dude named Albert Yamada as his bodyguard, and Albert can beat the shit out of everybody if Kakeru ordered him to do so!

Oh by the way, here’s Ken Sudou as he’s one of the people who want to look at naked girls at the changing room.

And while he’s a brash basketball idiot, let’s just say that Sudou couldn’t stand a damn chance against C-Class. I mean, Kakeru Ryuuen loves to torment Ken Sudou much like their previous encounters.

To make matters worse for Ken-kun, he also have to deal with A-Class, especially Arisu Sakayanagi who always look down at other people including Kakeru Ryuuen, which she considers Ryuuen as her rival.

With that said, looks like Ken’s allies is now stuck at the girls’ changing room forever!

Not until Suzune Horikita showed up at the top of the diving board and made a rousing speech against those who mocked D-Class.

And look, everyone got outside of the building and saw Suzune up there, including Kakeru Ryuuen who he plans to punish Suzune for ruining his schemes.

But you know what, Ryuuen has to pass-through Ayanokouji before taking on Manabu’s sister!

One more thing, seems that one of Ken Sudou’s allies named Kanji Ike has got out of the changing room after installing the hidden camera.

Well, it appears that Sotomura’s plan to peep on girls is a success… until someone ruined it. Who could that person be?

Turns out, it was none other than Kiyotaka Ayanokouji as he’s one of Sotomura’s collaborators, only to betray his comrades by telling Suzune Horikita to take out the SD card from the cameras. Well, looks like D-Class is safe from trouble, but Sotomura and his fellow perverts failed in the end.

Well then, I’ll see you next week and I have a feeling that C-Class is making their move on Suzune Horikita. However, let’s just say that Kakeru Ryuuen and his friends will have to deal with Kiyotaka Ayanokouji first… and it won’t be easy for him!

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