Knight’s and Magic Episode #08

This is King Leotamus as he’ll have his first day of business as the new monarch of Fremmevira by dealing a horde of demon beasts near Alfheim Village.

Case in point, these demon beasts are called shellcased, and sorry for the lame pun but these monsters are tough as nails that encountering them as a horde will be a bane for Knight Runners.

And speaking of Knight Runners, the Aruvan Knights are holding the line with their own lives… unless they fall down and get eaten by the shellcased!

At this point, it’s gonna be a long and drawn-out battle to defend Alfheim.

That’s until the Order of the Silver Phoenix has arrived to assist the Aruvan and defend Alfheim from the shellcased beasts!

After all, Alfheim is important for not only the Kingdom of Fremmevira, but also Ernesti Echevalier who wanted to learn the secrets of making Ether Reactors in order to make his own Silhouette Knight.

Oh yeah, and here’s Crown Prince Emrys as here’s ready to use his personal Silhouette Knight in battle.

Now then, Prince Emrys used his Goldleo in anger by unleashing its special attack called Blast Howling.

As you can see, the shellcased beings didn’t stand a chance against the might of Goldleo.

Of course, it costs a lot of mana and it’s sucks that Emrys will have to recharge until then…

Meanwhile, Ernesti Echevalier and the Walter twins have found the Queen Shellcased Beast.

Like many of the demon beasts, this one is massive and tough that shooting fireballs at the queen won’t do much damage!

Fortunately for Ernie, he has found a way to defeat the boss demon beast by using the same tactics that he did against the Behemoth.

By tying a stake with a metal wire a throw it at the Queen Shellcased, Ernesti will electrocute this boss until it’s no longer moving.

And lo and behold, Ernie just defeated another demon beast with his own two hands.

With that said, Alfheim Village is safe from being crushed by the demon beasts and the Aruvan Knights felt relieved that the Order of the Silver Phoenix have arrived to save the day!

Thanks to Ernesti and his knight order, the former king Ambrosius awarded him of granting access to the elusive village of Alfheim, with Director Olver guiding him and the former king.

While Ernie is excited to enter Alfheim, there’s one little secret that Director Olver wants to reveal before going to the village…

Turns out, Director Olver is not human, but an elf-like being called an Alv.

And by the way, Olver is actually 87 years old and he’s still wise as ever!

Anyways, they went into the secret village of Alfheim were Ambrosius and Ernesti met with the Great Elder Kitley.

While Ambrosius met her a few times already, this is Ernesti’s first time that he met a prominent figure of the Alvs.

Of course, Kitley is skeptical towards Ernesti as he’s just a human boy who wants to learn the secrets of making an Ether Reactor, which only a few people knows how to do it.

But you know what, I think Ernie will do whatever it takes to learn its process for his hobbies!

And so, Ernesti Echevalier studied the art of turning mythril into a heart-shaped reactor and inscribe it with special script called Life Song. Oh, and let’s not forget of using catalyst crystals from demon beasts in order to create the best Ether Reactor.

Since Ernesti has a history of handing lots and lots of computer code in his previous life, learning the secrets of inscribing his Life Song into the mythril is a piece of cake. However, molding an indestructible material into a malleable one would require a special magic in which the Alvs are known for it. Hence, it’s important for Alfheim Village to remain standing ’cause the Kingdom of Fremmevira owed them a lot when it comes to supplying them with Ether Reactors for their Silhouette Knights.

With that said, Ernie observed the Alvs and learned their special magic. I mean, he wants to achieve his dream of making his own robot!

Eventually, Ernie went from being a peculiar student into a master of making Ether Reactors with his own hands outside of the Alvs. By using catalyst crystals that he got from defeating the Behemoth and the Queen Shellcased Beast, Ernie is creating the most powerful reactor yet.

Gotta say that staying at Alfheim Village to learn from the Alvs is worth it! C’mon, it’s for Ernesti’s dream to make his own Silhouette Knight!

With that said, final assembly is taking place at Fort Orobesius as the knightsmiths are about to finish Ernesti Echevalier’s personal Silhouette Knight.

And as you can see, he’s freakin’ excited to realize his dream of making his own robot and piloting it.

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to be amazed as Ernesti Echevalier revealed his best creation that’ll surpass the Toybox!

This is Ikaruga, Ernesti Echevalier’s pride and joy as a Silhouette Knight designer and Knight Runner. Damn, I’m so happy right now that Ernie finally achieved it!

Anyways, I can’t wait for Ernie to run his own Silhouette Knight on the next episode!

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