Gamers! Episode #07

Oh boy, seems that after Keita Amano confessed to Karen Tendou, everyone is talking about his… in a bad way.

I mean, Otobuki High School adores Karen Tendou so having Keita-kun dating one of the most popular girls is very devastating to most people, especially boys who wants Amano to explode like a normie. Like he would do that!

And speaking of Karen Tendou, she’s very confused right after accepting Keita’s confession without a second thought. Yeah, it’s her fault for saying “Yes, I gladly accept!” and everything went downhill from her.

You know what, would it be better if both of them started dating instead of being awkward to each other!

With that said, both Keita Amano and Karen Tendou went to an amusement facility called Around1 Stadium, a place where normies hang out and play.

Oh by the way, seems that Amano is making a “arrow in the knee” joke on this show! Poor chap, he’s now a former adventurer just like everyone else. Nah, he’s not an adventurer to begin with!

Also, here’s Karen Tendou in her bikini and damn, she looks gorgeous that everyone will be stunned upon looking at Karen-chan…

…including Keita Amano who almost died there. Y’know, some people would think that Amano doesn’t deserve to be Tendou’s boyfriend because even though they love games, their status is vastly different from one another.

But still, they’re having a blast at the amusement facility and I can’t wait for Keita and Karen to hit the arcades next!

However, their date was interrupted when Chiaki Hoshinomori showed up. Gotta say that she’s a cutie after Tasuku Uehara suggested to change her hairstyle.

Oh yeah, and even though she hates Keita Amano for his different tastes when it comes to games, Chiaki still clings to him when things get awry like being invited by strangers for a drink at a karaoke booth!

As for Karen Tendou, she’s pissed that someone like Chiaki is ruining her date with Keita-kun. Y’know what, let’s invite Hoshinomori for a threesome!

And so, Chiaki, Keita, and Karen played a Mario Kart-like arcade racing game just for kicks. C’mon, they can’t help it after Hoshinomori went in as the third wheel to both Amano and Tendou!

On the other hand though, Keita-kun is a freaking casual when it comes to competitive games, be it fighting games, first-person shooters, racing games, anything that players compete for supremacy and money. We eSports now, everyone!

But anyways, Keita Amano decided to beat his opponents by blowing himself up. Not a good idea there because the item he’s holding might backfire on him!

And you know what, I was right as Keita-kun made a fool of himself at a racing game that the kids laugh at him. He shouldn’t have used that item when Amano is getting the hang of it! But hey, he had fun playing with Karen and Chiaki!

Anyways, I’ll see you next time and as for Tasuku Uehara and Aguri-san, I hope they patch things up as Aguri accusing him of cheating.

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