BanG Dream! Episode #14

This is Kasumi Toyama and she’s very tired after making it to the auditions together with her band Poppin’ Party.

Yeah, Kasumi and her friends had a rough time during the TV series and now they’re spending their summer vacation… by doing homework. Then again, Kasumi doesn’t want to finish her assignment!

But anyways, they decided to go to the beach and have fun. I mean, it’s summer and this month proves that!

So while O-Tae, Arisa, Kasumi, Rimi, and Saya are spending their summer vacation outside of their home, there’s a certain band who wanted to get better instead of going to the beach…

I’m talking about Roselia as I considered them as the rival to Poppin’ Party and pretty much the dark horses of this franchise.

By the way, this is Ako Udagawa as she has “fourteen-sick” syndrome, also known in Japanese as chuunibyou. And my goodness, Ako thinks that she has powers to make the world tremble by hitting the drums!

Of course, Ako’s band-mates think that she’s being silly as always. However, Sayo Hikawa told Ako to stay focus and keep practicing because they need to become one of the best acts on this show. (Actually, they’re popular in real-life compared to Poppin’ Party!)

Still, Roselia is giving their all on this training session. However, I think they need to cool themselves down for once…

…especially their leader Yukina Minato who got a writer’s block on making lyrics and music notes for Roselia’s new song.

Y’know, it would be nice if they went to the beach to get some fresh air and get some inspiration. It’s better than staying all day practicing and composing music.

But let’s go back to Poppin’ Party as Kasumi and her band-mates are having fun in the sun.

I hope that they don’t forget on finishing their homework of they’ll get caught in the Endless Eight syndrome, made popular by The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya!

Anyways, I guess that this episode will be boring with no interaction between Poppin’ Party and Roselia.

Nah, just kidding as it appears that Roselia are here to play with Poppin’ Party. Oh boy, this is gonna be interesting!

Anyways, both bands have decided to play a game of beach volleyball as Tae Hanazono makes her first serve.

And I have to say that O-Tae made a weak spike that even Roselia couldn’t make a counter-attack.

Then again, they’re just beginners so I can forgive them for not playing at their best. C’mon, they’re having fun right here!

Also, here’s Ako Udagawa as she’s making her “ultimate serve” that’ll blow away the competition. I mean, Ako is fired up!

However, let’s just say that Ako blew herself up as she miss hitting the ball towards the opponent.

Well, I can’t help but laugh on how Udagawa became a fool to her friends and PoPiPa!

Nevertheless, Roselia went serious from this point on as Sayo Hikawa passed the ball onto her team-mates…

…who is none other than Yukina Minato as she’s ready to take this beach volleyball match for Roselia!

Seriously Roselia, you’re at the beach and you’re supposed to relax and have fun after a jam session. Why you have to take this beach volleyball game like it’s your last?

In any case, this beach volleyball match has gone from just a normal game into a crazy battle. However, neither Poppin’ Party nor Roselia didn’t win this game at all.

Who cares if nobody win, they had a blast on playing beach volleyball until sundown!

Lastly, it’s time for an impromptu performance by Poppin’ Party, with both Kasumi Toyama and Saya Yamabuki singing a duet song.

Well, Saya couldn’t do the drums today as the venue didn’t have one. But that’s okay as Saya can sing well together with Kasumi!

Anyways, Poppin’ Party made a good impression in front of the crowd, even if it’s an impromptu gig and not to mention having the drum set absent on this one.

As for Roselia, seems that Yukina Minato and her band-mates got some inspiration after seeing Poppin’ Party’s performance. Looks like they’ll make a new song after this and also, I feel that Bushiroad should create a spin-off that focuses on Roselia.

And that’s the end of BanG Dream! Special and I love how Poppin’ Party interact with Roselia on this episode, even for a short while that is. Still, if the Kidani-san from Bushiroad wanted to promote BanG Dream!, he’ll have to be serious on convincing everyone that they’re the next best thing!

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