Re:CREATORS Episode #19

This is Altair, and damn she’s just laughing on how futile their attacks are.

Oh, and the military princess destroyed Selesia’s box barrier. Damn, she’s so OP!

Anyways, here’s Alisteria February as she’s about to unleash her ultimate attack against Altair.

After all, the knight is very angry that Mamika died at the hands of the military-clad princess.

And you know what, Alisteria managed to pierce the military-clad princes with her spear.

But then again, it’ll be all for naught as Altair can turn it around thanks to her myriad of powers, like transferring the pain back to Alisteria February!

However, this knight won’t give up as Alisteria will deliver a fiery punch to Altair.

But alas, Alisteria’s last-ditch effort end up failing when Altair delivered a back hand towards the knight.

Like I said before, Altair is so OP that I wonder if her “fans” made the military-clad princess very powerful!

Anyways, Alisteria February has been killed by Altair as she failed to deliver justice towards Mamika Kirameki’s death.

For Gai Takarada, it was devastating for him that Gai’s creation has died in battle. Well, I think we need to leave him alone for this one.

Meanwhile, let’s focus on Rui Kanoya and Selesia Yupitilia as they’re having a hard time beating Charon, who managed to cut one of Gigas Machina’s arms!

And damn, that’s gotta hurt for Rui Kanoya as he can felt the pain of losing Gigas Machina’s right arm.

On the other hand, Charon has more experience on fighting other mechas, be it a Gigas Machina or a Vogelchevalier!

And speaking of Charon, he wants Selesia to return to their world and save it from the Avalon Brigade. I mean, he’s desperate that Charon asked Altair for help!

Then again, Selesia Yupitilia would rather stop the military-clad princess than going back to Earthmelia. After all, she owed a lot from her creator Takashi Matsubara.

But anyways, seems that Charon was interrupted by an unexpected attack from Hikayu Hoshikawa, who told Selesia on not to hesitate on making tough choices in her life or she’ll regret it.

Come to think of it, Hikayu sounded like she had a rough time in her world, especially when her childhood friend Miho died in a car accident. But still, I’m hoping that Selesia Yupitilia would focus on stopping Charon because the fate of the world lies in her actions.

Thanks to Hikayu, Selesia is back to action as she fires her magic at Charon’s black-colored Vogelchevalier.

Of course, she’s not doing it because it’s her duty to save the real world from certain destruction, but the reason why Selesia is fighting against her friend is because she loves Charon!

As you can see, her face shows that she really cared about Charon that Selesia wanted to catch up on him back in Earthmelia. Then again, it’s Altair’s fault for making a cruel battle between Selesia and Charon as she’s doing it for the viewers!

With that said, Selesia Yupitilia decided to grab Charon in hopes on stopping before he kills everybody. Sadly, Selesia’s Vogelchevalier got so much damage during her fight with Charon’s mech.

So, Selesia Yupitilia told Rui Kanoya that he must attack both her and Charon, because there’s nothing that Selesia could do to beat her partner especially when her Vogelchevalier is in tatters!

With no option for him to rescue Selesia, Rui activates the reflector field at full strength in hopes that Charon will be defeated.

As you can see, Rui Kanoya is crying that he couldn’t help but to obey Selesia’s orders on destroying her Vogelchevalier together with Charon.

And so, Selesia Yupitilia’s Vogelchevalier turned into a ball of fire, killing both Selesia and Charon in the process. Damn, we got 3 casualties on this week’s episode!

For everyone inside the mission control booth, it was a devastating loss especially for Takashi Matsubara who considered Selesia Yupitilia and Charon as his children.

And as for Souta Mizushino, he couldn’t believe that Selesia died there to stop one of Altair’s allies. After all, Selesia is the first person that Souta-kun befriended on the first episode.

At this point, there’s no stopping Altair for realizing her dreams of destroying the world… unless Magane Chikujouin went in and ruin the military-clad princess’ day. Anyways, see ya next week!

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