Knight’s and Magic Episode #09

This is Carlitos Bilt Zaloudek, son of King Bardomelow who declared war on its surrounding kingdoms and I have to say that this guy is channeling Gihren Zabi!

With that said, the Kingdom of Zaloudek is on a campaign of world domination thanks in part of their latest Silhouette Knight called the Tyrantos.

C’mon, it’s clear that they stole the technology from Fremmevira thanks to Lady Kerhilt and the Order of the Bronze Fang.

Speaking of the Bronze Fang, looks like a certain character has returned as this assassin Knight Runner is doing the dirty work against the Kuschpercha guards.

Yup, it’s none other than Lady Kerhilt. She may have stolen some tech from Ernesti Echevalier, but Kerhilt should have kidnap the silver-haired kid which is a fatal mistake on her part.

With that said, Zaloudek captured the Kingdom of Kuschpercha and they’re gonna capture more territory because King Bardomelow and his greedy royal family wants to!

Now then, it’s time for Ernesti Echevalier to show his personal Silhouette Knight in anger against his enemies.

Anyways, this is the first sortie of Ikaruga against the Zaloudek Kingdom. Gotta say that Ernie is eager to test its thrusters and other weapons.

And as you can see, the Ikaruga made short work against a squad of Tyrantos with its unmatched strength and speed.

Honestly, Chief Gaizka can do a better imitation than those from Zaloudek. Their latest Silhouette Knights felt like a joke compared to Ernie’s Ikaruga and his other creations!

Meanwhile, here’s another character who’s currently a damsel-in-distress. This is the former Princess Eleonora of Kuschpercha as she’s scared of being married off…

…to this bastard named Prince Cristobal. I have to say that the Zaloudek family are a bunch of war-mongering assholes that they’ll claim everything, including princesses!

Anyways, it seems that the Silver Phoenix Merchant Association has encountered a flying ship from the Zaloudek Kingdom.

Naturally, Deitrich Knitz and his company attacked the enemy with their magic rods, but let’s just say that it’s not very effective. I think Ernie will make a cannon-like rod later!

But here’s Deitrich Knitz as he’s ready to fight against the Zaloudek troops with his shiny new Silhouette Knight.

This is Guairlinde and Deitrich claimed that his Silhouette Knight ain’t just for show! Yeah, shout-outs to Amuro Ray for that famous line during Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack.

Oh yeah, here’s Deitrich’s opponent who has many sword that Setsuna F. Seiei would approved.

Then again, it’s stupid to carry so many melee weapons that it might slow the Silhouette Knight down.

Now then, here’s the Knight Runner of that special sword-wielding Silhouette Knight named Gustav Mardonnes.

I don’t know why Gustav likes to carry 3 to 5 swords, but he sure is an idiot.

Still, this sword nut is giving Deitrich Knitz a hard time as it turns out that Gustav Mardonnes’ Silhouette Knight is quick and nimble.

Come to think of it, I wonder if Gustav’s machine has Strand-type Crystal Tissue? Still, Deitrich is on the ropes and he might lose this fight.

Of course, let’s not forget that Deitrich has some allies in the form of the Tzendolimble.

And here’s Tzendolimble’s pilot Helvi Oberg as she’s very pissed that her original Telestale was stolen by the Zaloudek Kingdom.

Well, looks like the tables have been turned for Gustav Mardonnes and his men!

So, they decided to run away for the time being. What a bunch of cowardly bastards they are!

Still, Ernesti and his fellow knights of the Silver Phoenix will have to deal with Zaloudek’s campaign of terror, including the Order of the Bronze Fang who are responsible for stealing Ernie’s technology.

With that said, I’ll see you next week!

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