NEW GAME!! Episode #08

Hello everyone as Aoba Suzukaze and her friends are brain-storming for the upcoming newcomers’ party. I mean, they can’t screw it up for the newbies like Momiji Mochizuki, Tsubame Narumi, and Nene Sakura.

On the other hand, Shizuku Hazuki suggested to hold the newcomers’ party at a maid cafe. After all, she loves hanging out with cute girls!

Then again, Aoba-chan and her fellow co-workers are pretty much confused to Hazuki-san’s suggestion. I mean, they never went to a maid cafe in their lifetime.

So, Shizuku Hazuki decided that if they want to experience of going to a maid cafe, they need to wear maid uniforms and act like them.

I have to say that Aoba-chan looked so cute in her maid uniform!

Heck, even Hazuki-san couldn’t help but take pictures of her employees because they’re freaking cute! Then again, they looked so bored…

By the way, here’s Aoba Suzukaze doing the famous “Moe moe kyun~!” pose from K-ON! and man, such great memories from that show!

Meanwhile, here’s Hifumi Takimoto as she shows Momiji Mochizuki around the office, including the cafeteria…

…where Shizuku Hazuki is continuing her fascination with maids. Well, seems that Hifumi-san has decided to take her leave because she doesn’t want to get involved!

Instead, seems that Momiji Mochizuki has decided to take part of Hazuki’s charade. Yeah, she looks so cute!

And as you can see, Hazuki-san can’t help but to take pictures of this newbie wearing a maid uniform like a fanatic.

As much as Shizuku Hazuki loves to take pics of cute girls in maid uniforms, let’s not forget that she has some work to do with Eagle Jump’s PECO!

In fact, here’s Umiko Ahagon as she’s about to pick Shizuku Hazuki up. Yeah, Umiko doesn’t like her director goofing off with the staff!

And so, Hazuki-san is being dragged away by Umiko as we speak. C’mon, she needs to finish the game before playing with her employees!

Now then, it’s time for the newcomers’ party as both Tsubame Narumi and Nene Sakura are having a conversation with Umiko Ahagon. But wait a minute, where are the others?

Oh, seems that the rest are having a tense atmosphere at the moment. Man, will somebody break the ice as this atmosphere is suffocating!

One last thing, seems that Momiji Mochizuki is a big eater where she order a large serving of pizza, which surprised Aoba-chan quite a bit! Then again, Momo-chan won’t talk to her about it since Mochizuki considers Suzukaze as her rival.

But anyways, let’s hope that Momo-chan would open up towards Aoba-chan. I mean, they can’t bicker on who’s the better designer or anything. Still, I’m hoping that the next episode will go off smoothly as always for Eagle Jump’s latest game!

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