Tenshi no 3P! Episode #08

Here’s Sakura Toriumi as she’s boasting on how Sakura got a big haul of a fish!

Naturally, Masayoshi Sawatari is very upset that he could have gotten a bigger one if it wasn’t for his fishing rod getting snapped into two.

On the other hand though, is it me or I have a feeling that both Sakura Toriumi and Kyo Nukui are gonna do it?

Woah there, I don’t think they’re not yet ready for the birds and the bees!

Then again, it seems that Nozomi Momijidani turned on the lights. Well, that was rude from her!

Oh, and it turns out that Sakura is just showing her black bikini to Kyo-kun. Dammit Aoyama-sensei, you’re playing us with these sexual innuendos on this show!

And speaking of sexual innuendos, let’s throw it away because those deers are assaulting both Jun Gotou…

…and Nozomi Momijidani. I have no words to describe this! Will somebody save these girls from getting raeped by animals!?

Oh, seems that Sora Kaneshiro has stepped in to defend both girls from those deers. I salute Kuu-chan for saving both Jun and Zomi!

Meanwhile, seems that Sakura has apprehended the perpetrator who’s responsible for harassing Jun Gotou and her two friends. And now, this person is stealing equipment away from the girls.

Anyways, it turns out that Yuzuha Aigae is the culprit behind the harassment. Yeah, I saw it coming but I feel that Yuzuha shouldn’t have done that in the first place.

Still, despite her jealous tendencies to ruin Lein de famille’s concert at the island, Jun and her friends decided that the show must go on.

Then again, the show might not go on when a nasty typhoon has hit the Soryu Islands. Of course, they believe that the concert will happen once the storm has passed.

Still, Kyo Nukui and the rest will have to haul their instruments to a safe place, because having their guitars and drums getting soaked is freaking bad!

On the other hand, it seems that Yuzuha Aigae went missing so Kyo Nukui went outside to find her because getting caught in the storm is bad news.

Anyways, Kyo-kun has an idea of where Yuzuha is as he went to the shrine.

And look, Yuzuha Aigae is there as she’s trying to protect the mural from being washed away by heavy rain.

Then again, it’s dangerous for Yuzuha to cover the mural so Kyo Nukui tries to rescue her before something bad will happen to Aigae.

As much as she wanted to protect her artwork, Yuzuha’s life is important and her parents are very worried that she might swept away by the wind or some debris.

That’s until this mysterious girl named Kiryu showed up who not only told them that she’s Kiriyume, but also she’s the deity of Soryu Islands. Oh, spooky…

Still, why she has to appear at this crucial time when both Nukui and Aigae are at the mercy of the storm? We’ll find that out on the next episode!

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