Sakura Quest Episode #22

Here’s Ushimatsu Kadota as he’s having a chat to one of the old folks at Warabiya Village, who’s about to put the final touches on the shrine float for the Mizuchi Festival.

Then again, the only thing that’s missing is the cherry on top, which is the Golden Dragon that Kadota lost it 50 years ago.

Oh yeah, let’s talk about the Golden Dragon as Takamizawa and his two friends couldn’t crack the code after finding it. Well, I guess they’re too old to remember the secrets of finding one of the sacred treasures.

Still, it’s past sunset and it’s very chilly outside, so it’s time for Yoshino Koharu to call it a day and find it tomorrow. C’mon, who wants to find a treasure in the middle of a snowy night?

By the way, I would like to meet Erika’s little brother Anji as he told Sanae Kouzuki that Erika wants to own a trendy clothes store… but in Tokyo of course.

Then again, who wants to wear fashionable clothing in the sticks?

And speaking of Erika, she’s still at the dormitory together with Shiori Shinomiya, who didn’t step out of Manoyama in her lifetime because she loves her hometown very much.

Yeah, that doesn’t sit well for Erika because she hates living in Manoyama for the rest of her life. But you know what, living in Tokyo is a big challenge especially from the likes of Yoshino Koharu and Maki Midorikawa.

Meanwhile, it seems that Anji and Erika’s mother called the dormitory as she told Maki that her son is missing.

Oh boy, looks like it’s time to find Anji in the middle of a blizzard in Manoyama!

And so, the whole town went outside to find Anji or he’ll be a gone if Erika’s brother got stuck in the storm.

Of course, the reason why Anji went outside is because he wanted to find the Golden Dragon and make a wish of having his sister Erika back.

Fortunately, Mr. Sandal has found Anji and thank goodness that the boy is safe! Seriously, I think Anji should have stayed indoors ’cause everyone is worried about him.

Meanwhile, here’s Erika as she wants to see if Anji is safe. C’mon, it’s her obligation as the elder sister to take care of her younger sibling.

And here’s Anji as he told his sister that he’ll own a clothes shop in Manoyama, just for Erika and countless others who wanted to be trendy and stuff ’cause he needs the money to keep the business flowing!

But damn, I give props to Anji as he’ll do anything for his sister, which is nice despite Erika hated living in the sticks…

And so, it’s time for Erika to hug her little brother because she’s worried about Anji.

Heck, even Anji’s mother joined in to welcome her daughter back. I’d say that all’s well that ends well for this episode!

Of course, Erika won’t give up on going to Tokyo and live the dream, but she’ll have to finish middle school first before hitting it big in the city. But you know what, I think Erika would eventually love her hometown once Anji owned a clothes shop for his sister.

Finally, looks like Noge, Takamizawa, and Kindaichi has finally found the Golden Dragon after so many years…

…which turned out to be a toy. What, where’s the real Golden Dragon then!?

Well, looks like Queen Yoshino and her royal court will have to find another lead to the last sacred treasure on the next episode!

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