Re:CREATORS Episode #20

Well everyone, seems that all of the players are shocked that both Selesia Yupitilia and Charon Seiga are dead.

And look, Altair is just standing there and laughing on how powerless they are. Goddammit, Altair!

Anyways, Hikayu Hoshikawa decided that enough is enough as she turns her nunchaku into a flail. I mean, it’s anything goes for Nishio Onishi in regards to his character!

However, seems that the military-clad princess has an ace on her sleeve, as Altair surrounds herself into a ball of energy that might engulf Hikayu-chan!

And next think you know, Hikayu got caught in Altair’s barrier and her powers went away just like that.

Well, so much of Onishi-sensei’s character revisions as Hoshikawa returned to a normal high school girl!

And so, Altair is about to kill another character who’s now just a normal girl from an eroge.

Seriously Altair, spare Hikayu-chan for goodness sake as she wants to have her first time with the male protagonist Masayuki!

Fortunately for Hikayu Hoshikawa, she was spared when someone attacked Altair. Who could that person be?

Why it’s none other than this… character. Wait, does this girl happened to be a clone of Altair?

Well it turns out, it is a clone of Altair named Sirius as Takashi Matsubara and his fellow creators made this character in order to defeat the military-clad princess.

And look at Altair as she couldn’t believe that there’s character similar to her. Why so Sirius, Altair? *ba-dum tshh*

Man, I have to say that Matsubara and his colleagues did well on creating this impostor of the military-clad princess. INB4 “DO NOT STEAL” intensifies after this episode!

Anyways, Sirius made her move by stabbing herself with her spear/scythe-like weapon…

…which is then transferred the pain to Altair. Yeah, I give props to the creators for recreating Altair’s powers for Sirius.

With that said, Takashi Matsubara and his fellow creators have decided that it would be better if Sirius cease Altair’s existence by absorbing the military-clad princess. Don’t know if that would work.

Oh yeah, and this followed up by an explosion because why not! Couldn’t find a better pic of where the military-clad princess disappears.

Now then, it’s time for the aftermath as the surviving players of the Elimination Chamber Festival are assessing the current situation, including Sirius after absorbing Altair’s existence.

And here’s Yuuya Mirokuji as he checks on Sirius to find out if she’s dead or alive.

However, it appears that Yuuya Mirokuji got impaled by a bunch of sabers. Oh boy, could it be that Altair is alive?

Turns out, the military-clad princess is actually alive as Altair took over Sirius’ body because she’s merely a carbon copy without a soul in it.

Also, Altair has a new set of clothes now. Damn that military-clad princess, does she want to be more fabulous on her final battle!?

This prompted Souta Mizushino to bring his original character into the fray as a last-ditch effort.

As much as he wants his character to be included in the Elimination Chamber Festival, the audience might not like it. I mean, having Sirius appearing during the climax might be good on paper, but the fans might not like that character at all!

One more thing, here’s Magane Chikujouin as she’s waiting for her plane to arrive because Magane wants to leave from Altair’s wrath. Damn, and I was expecting her to take the spotlight over that military-clad princess!

Still, it’s sucks that Chikujouin is not involved in the Elimination Chamber Festival…

…but not until Magane pulled one last trick that sends everyone into a familiar place. Hmm, I’m curious to see this!

As for Altair, it appears that the military-clad princess has a shocking expression as she saw something that truly shaken her resolve on destroying the world.

It’s none other than Yuna “Setsuna” Shimazaki as it turns out that Souta Mizushino is planning to bring his dead friend back to life. Oh, and it wouldn’t be possible without Magane Chikujouin’s help. What a fuckin’ twist!

Well then, seems that Altair’s creator has showed up, but will the military-clad princess decided to call Setsuna an impostor and kill her on the spot? Sure that Blitz Talker defected thanks to Shuuma Suruga resurrecting his daughter Erina, but Altair giving up the fight when Setsuna Shimazaki showed up? I doubt that the military-clad princess will do that!

Anyways, I’ll see you next time as there’s two episodes to go…

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