Symphogear AXZ Episode #08

After many hours of finding through dirt and mud, they finally found the Fool’s Gold! Then again, it looks more like a stone than a lump of gold, so I’ll just gonna call it as Fool’s Stone instead.

By the way, this post will be very long as this episode is gonna knock your socks off… just to make up for the delays!

Meanwhile, the Bavarian Illuminati are currently recovering after that major setback from Episode 7 where Prelati got badly hurt. Well, she should have accomplished her goals if it wasn’t for Kirika and Shirabe fighting in unison.

Speaking of which, the ritual of creation requires a sacrifice to complete it and Adam Weishaupt, suggested that Prelati should be killed in order to make the ritual happen because she’s useless anyway. Of course, both Saint-Germain and Cagliostro won’t do that because they’re comrades!

Now then, let’s go back to SONG as while Elfnein is tweaking the Ignite Module, it’s time for Commander Genjuro Kazanari to train the Symphogear users once again because c’mon, they’re so rusty right now after finding the Fool’s Stone.

Of course, he’s here to train them on how to fight in unison since the alchemists might separate them, especially both Kirika Akatsuki and Shirabe Tsukuyomi since the Bavarian Illuminati sees them as a threat. Anyways, let’s see what new tricks that he could pull off…

…as Chris Yukine fires a salvo of missiles towards Commander Genjuro. Even though it’s a simulation, having lots of missiles would be devastating towards him.

Then again, we’re talking about Genjuro Kazanari as he just grab those missiles and throw it back right at Chris-chan. Yeah, he’s so badass but Genjuro preferred to do his duties as a commander!

On the other hand, Elfnein has finished upgrading their Ignite Modules by incorporating a shard of Fool’s Stone, which will negate the effects of the Philosopher’s Stone.

Well, I hope that this upgrade will be beneficial when they’re up against the alchemists and their Faust Robes.

Meanwhile, Chris Yukine went to see Stefan and Sonya Vilena before they went home to Val Verde.

Sure that Sonya and Chris-chan are currently in bad terms due to their horrible past, but Stefan is on the road to recovery when he has a new prosthetic leg.

And then, the Alca-Noise showed up as they’re here to ruin Chris’ chances of reconciling with Sonya. Damn, why does the Bavarian Illuminati have to pick this time to attack?

Of course, Chris Yukine don’t want a bunch of Alca-Noise ruined her day as she dons her Symphogear and attacks the enemy.

Um Chris-chan, would it be better if you escort both Stefan and Sonya…

…as they’re about to get crushed by falling debris? Then again, I guess Chris is currently in anger mode!

Oh yeah, here’s Cagliostro as the alchemist told Chris-chan that her friends are in another dimension.

Which means that the likes of Hibiki Tachibana and Tsubasa Kazanari are stuck until they find the boss Alca-Noise and destroy it.

After all, it’s a pain in the ass to find it when the boss Alca-Noise is invisible.

Now then, looks like Chris Yukine is being cornered by Cagliostro now that she has no allies to back her up.

On second though, I think Chris-chan has one right now as Cagliostro got whipped by Maria Cadenzavna Eve.

Well, seems that this match-up has turned into two versus one. Sorry Cagliostro, looks like you’re going down when Chris-chan and Maria beat you up!

On the contrary, I’d say that this fight might take a bit longer to finish as she punch Chris Yukine in the gut…

…which sends her to the building where Stefan and Sonya Vilena are located. I wonder what happened to them after they’re about to get crushed earlier?

Oh, seems that they’re alive but Stefan’s wheelchair got stuck and he couldn’t get out.

And here’s Cagliostro having that psychotic face of hers, meaning that Chris Yukine the Vilena siblings might be in trouble!

Then again, Stefan Vilena has other plans as he tries to fight back by using his prosthetic leg…

…to kick a debris towards Cagliostro. Even though it got swatted away, at least this alchemist got pushed back!

That leaves Chris Yukine more time to reconcile with the Vilena siblings. Well, Stefan told both Sonya and Chris-chan on not to get stuck in the past. And you know what, he’s right!

With that said, I have to say that Sonya Vilena and Chris Yukine are in good terms thanks to this. Now then, where’s Maria Cadenzavna Eve?

Oh, she’s fighting against Cagliostro as the alchemist is overwhelming the Symphogear user.

Let’s just say it’s personal from Cagliostro as she’s angry that Maria punched her in the face back in Episode 2!

However, seems that her flurry of punches towards Maria got interrupted when Chris Yukine showed up.

Yeah, glad that she’s here to back Maria up after reconciling with the Vilena sibling!

Of course, they can’t become so overconfident that the fight has won in their favor.

In fact, Cagliostro has another ace in her sleeve as she served a devastating heart-shaped blast towards both Chris Yukine and Maria Cadenzavna Eve.

Come to think of it, that attack reminds me of Magical Slayer Mamika’s Magical Splash Flare. Damn, I’m sad when I brought up Mamika Kirameki…

Unfortunately for Cagliostro, her attack failed to destroy them as Chris and Maria activate their Ignite Module.

As you can see, they’re surrounded by a barrier thanks to the power of the Fool’s Stone.

This prompted Cagliostro to get serious and attack both Symphogear users.

Honestly, this transgender alchemist doesn’t like her enemies getting immune to the power of the Philosopher’s Stone!

Fortunately, both Chris and Maria has an ace of their sleeve as they combined their strength for a powerful song/attack named “Change the Future”!

And look, the Vilena sibling are cheering Chris Yukine. I’m so happy that Sonya and Stefan are now in good terms with Chris-chan!

Anyways, the combined power of both Ichaival and Airgetlám has overwhelmed Cagliostro. We’re gonna miss this transgender alchemist!

Well, looks like Cagliostro has been defeated thanks to the power of the newly-improved Ignite Module, plus their combined powers of both Chris Yukine and Maria Cadenzavna Eve.

With that said, the Vilena sibling are saved and the rest of the Symphogear users have returned safely!

As for both Sonya and Stefan Vilena, they’re going home to Val Verde without a hitch as they finally reconciled with Chris Yukine.

Well, looks like Chris-chan just lift the burden of her chest now that her relationship with Sonya has restored. Now that it’s over, looks like Chris Yukine will have to fight earnestly!

Lastly, looks like Saint-Germain heard the news that Cagliostro has died, becoming a catalyst to complete the altar ritual. Of course, Adam Weishaupt wanted more to achieve godhood and so he told Saint-Germain to sacrifice Prelati.

You know what, Saint-Germain should defect to the good guys ’cause she’ll accomplish nothing when Adam becomes the asshole god of the new world! But anyways, I’ll see you next time in Symphogear AXZ and I’m hoping the fansubbers can play catch-up.

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