Knight’s and Magic Episode #11

This is Prince Cristobal Hasslo Zaloudek as he tells his sister Princess Catalina Camilla Zaloudek that he’ll seize victory over the rebels and the Silver Phoenix Merchant Association.

Honestly, he’s signing a death wish right there as Prince Cristobal boasting his confidence that he’ll win the battle against Ernesti Echevalier would be suicidal and stupid for his part!

Now then, it’s time for Prince Cristobal and his army to conduct a deat- I mean, engage with the Kuschpercha rebels with their mighty Levitate Ships.

Oh my god, I’m so scared that they might drop tons of Silhouette Knights at the castle or some nearby village!

Just kidding, seems that the Order of the Silver Phoenix came up with something ingenuous like firing flares to make the enemy visible at night.

Oh, and here’s Archid Walter as he wants to impress Princess Eleonora by unleashing a new weapon against the Levitate Ships.

Anyways, say hello to the Misshire Javelins as the Silver Phoenix launched these anti-air weapons against Zaloudek’s Levitate Ships!

And as you can see, it’s super-effective where Ernesti’s javelins worked against these ships. Of course, they need to be tethered by wires in order to guide those javelins onto the enemy ships.

Still, the Misshire Javelins worked as it should and Ernie will make improvements along the way in order to make it wireless and turn those javelins into a full-fledged anti-air magic-imbued missiles!

Speaking of Ernesti Echevalier, he’s here to play with Prince Cristobal in which the latter is actually shaking his hand in fear of Ernie’s Ikaruga.

Yeah, seems that the prince is scared by the azure masked demon, but still he wanted to battle Ernie and prove that he’s better than some kid from Fremmevira. Gotta say that Prince Cristobal might regret on his decision to fight instead of fleeing!

With that said, it’s time for Prince Cristobal to fire up his personal Silhouette Knight and challenge Ernesti Echevalier to a duel.

As much as he has an imposing Silhouette Knight, let’s just say that Prince Cristobal’s battle with Ernie might be over to begin with.

As you can see, Ernie’s Ikaruga can quick draw his gunblade and fire shots towards Cristobal’s machine.

And here’s the result as Prince Cristobal couldn’t stand a chance where his personal Silhouette Knight lost its right arm and its weapons.

Honestly, this battle is already over due to Ikaruga’s immerse power and speed!

So, Prince Cristobal asked Ernie to spare his life in exchange of defecting to the Kingdom of Zaloudek, where the prince will reward Ernie with a peerage and other benefits.

But then again, Ernesti Echevalier declined his offer as he’s okay with Fremmevira’s compensation package. I mean, he’s not aiming to become a noble or anything as Ernie wants to live his life tinkering machines and stuff.

On top of that, he Ernie chooses to join Zaloudek, all of his technologies will belong to him and not the kingdom. But it doesn’t matter now because Zaloudek made a copyright infringement on Ernie’s Silhouette Knight’s design and so he decides to take Cristobal’s mech along with the rest of his army’s Tyrantos.

However, Prince Cristobal decided that instead of surrendering to Ernesti Echevalier, he decides to take Ernie with him straight to hell!

Um, I don’t think that would work for this arrogant prince.

In fact, let’s just say that Cristobal’s sacrifices are in vain as he got crushed by his own Levitate Ship. How the haughty have fallen!

But as for Ernie though, he survived thanks to Ikaruga’s flight abilities that Lord Gojass wants to replicate it someday.

In any case, Zaloudek’s reign of terror towards Kuschpercha is over thanks to Ernesti Echevalier and the Order of the Silver Phoenix!

And since Zaloudek will no longer bother to fight back now that Prince Cristobal has been killed, this gives Princess Eleonora Miranda Kuschpercha to declare herself as the queen of the revived kingdom.

As you can see, she’s brimming with confidence thanks to her personal knight Archid Walter. Yeah, gotta give props to Kid for helping Eleonora back to her feet!

Of course, there’s bad news from the Zaloudek Kingdom as Oratio Gojass informed Princess Catalina that Prince Cristobal died in battle. Yeah, it was a sad news indeed but it’s his fault for being too cocky!

With that said, Princess Catalina Camilla Zaloudek ordered Lord Gojass to create a powerful weapon that’ll defeat the blue masked demon and avenge her brother’s death. Well, Oratio Gojass will gladly make one but taking advantage of the royal family’s dire situation is pretty horrible from him.

Now then, looks like Fremmevira-Kuschpercha alliance are pushing the Zaloudek Kingdom back until they returned to their home country.

I have to say that while Zaloudek’s army are imposing especially when they have their latest Silhouette Knight Tyrantos, they’re horrible of making good strategies other than attacking other kingdoms and expanding their territories.

On the other hand, Deitrich Knitz encountered one of Zaloudek’s Levitate Ships and it seems that it’ll be an easy picking for the Misshire Javelins.

Then again, this Levitate Ship seems a bit different from the usual ones from Zaloudek.

It turns out, this special Levitate Ship is shaped like a dragon as it shoots a powerful breath of fire towards the Kuschpercha forces.

Well, except for Ernesti Echevalier and the Order of the Silver Phoenix as they managed to dodge it before they got toast!

Gotta say that this could be one of Lord Gojass’ fiercest weapon yet as he dubbed this special Levitate Ship as Vyver.

Anyways, I’ll see you next time as Ernesti Echevalier has found a new challenger against his Ikaruga. Also, I’m hoping that it’ll be an epic battle!

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