Symphogear AXZ Episodes #10 & #11

Hey guys, it’s gonna be a double feature for this post and I would like to tell you that Hibiki Tachibana’s birthday is coming up!

Heck, even Kirika Akatsuki is excited to celebrate it. Still, I’m hoping that there’s nothing bad will happen on these two episode!

Well, except that Saint-Germain will spoil Hibiki’s party as she’s about to sacrifice her life to open the divine gate.

And look, she succeed on opening the gate where Tiki (or An-tiky-thera) will receive divine powers. I wonder if her Auto-Scorer body will handle the amount of power that she’s receiving?

Fortunately though, Yatsuhiro Kazanari has a plan to stop the divine gate, but he needs his brother Genjuro to carry it!

And as you can see, both have keys and they need to unlock it together in order to stop the flow of energy into the divine gate.

So once both Yatsuhiro and Genjuro Kazanari turned the keys, this signals the shrine priests to destroy the seals of the keystones to create a barrier inside the gate.

And as you can see, it’s effective as the flow of divine energy was severed, leaving Tiki not having enough power to achieve godhood.

Well, I’d say that Yatsuhiro Kazanari did a good job on making this plan!

Now then, it’s time for Hibiki Tachibana to stop Saint-Germain and befriend this alchemist through her fists!

After all, it’s the only way for Hibiki to convince Saint-Germain on working together instead of fighting each other. I mean, let’s not forget that Hibiki suffered a lot for being the only survivor.

Also, Hibiki is joined by Kirika Akatsuki where she helps her fellow Symphogear user…

…to deliver one powerful combination attack against the alchemist. I must say that Kirika is very comfortable with everyone, including Hibiki Tachibana!

Sadly, it turns out that Tiki still receives divine powers as the Lodgemaster Adam Weishaupt told them that they’re so naive on cutting the flow of energy from the ground when Tiki can get divine energy mid-air.

Well, it seems that Yatsuhiro Kazanari didn’t take account of this situation. Also, the Lodgemaster revealed to Saint-Germain that he’s not helping humanity, which she finally took notice of his dickish behavior

But now that Adam Weishaupt revealed his ultimate plan, it’s time for his girlfriend Tiki to show off her divine powers by blowing up the shrine.

However by some miracle, Kirika Akatsuki managed to hold off Tiki’s attacks with her swan song, which she might put herself in a risk since Kirika might die for using that desperation attack.

Yeah, it doesn’t look good for Kirika Akatsuki as Hibiki rushed in to see if Kirika is okay. It turns out that Kirika Akatsuki used a lot of LiNKER drug to suppress the side-effects of using the swan song.

In any case, it looks like Kirika will be okay as SONG rescued her from being obliterated by the Lodgemaster.

And speaking of the Lodgemaster, looks like Adam Weishaupt will have to deal an angry Hibiki Tachibana and Saint-Germain, who decides to help Hibiki out after she had enough of Adam’s bullshit! Of course, fighting against the Lodgemaster is hard because he’s unstoppable.

But seriously though, Saint-Germain should have defected to the good guys together with Cagliostro and Prelati. Man, I miss Saint-Germain’s comrades.

Now then, let’s focus on Saint-Germain as she delivered an attacked that caught Adam Weishaupt.

Oh, and it’s not pretty for the Lodgemaster as Adam’s left arm got cut by Saint-Germain’s gunblade.

Hehe, looks like Adam ain’t the most invincible character after all!

However, it was soon revealed that Adam Weishaupt is actually a goddamn Auto-Scorer. That caught me by surprise there!

Anyways, Adam Weishaupt told both Hibiki and Saint-Germain that the reason why the Lodgemaster wants to have divine powers is because he wants to spite on his creators for discarding a “perfect” being like him… by becoming an asshole god towards humanity.

But you know what, screw Adam’s reasons to get divine powers for his hedonistic activities as Hibiki Tachibana and Saint-Germain will take him down!

Of course, let’s not forget Adam Weishaupt’s precious Tiki as she transformed into a massive Auto-Scorer that she can’t hug the Lodgemaster.

Good thing Hibiki Tachibana attacked Tiki before the Auto-Scorer did something terrible, like blowing one city or a small island with a single blast.

Then again, Tiki is very tough to beat with Hibiki’s fists as the Auto-Scorer swats the Symphogear user away like a bug.

Oh, and Tiki fired her laser at a satellite that Saint-Germain couldn’t believe that her efforts, together with Cagliostro and Prelati, are in vain now that they grant Tiki godlike powers to trample humanity like ants!

Meanwhile, Commander Genjuro and the rest of the Symphogear users are trembling in fear due to Tiki’s massive power. I mean, it’s impossible to defeat Adam’s girlfriend who became a person of mass destruction!

That’s until someone intervened to tell SONG on how to beat both Adam Weishaupt and Tiki. And while this person won’t reveal his identity, he released some decrypted documents in which there’s a weapon that can kill gods. Oh, and you’re thinking that it’s the Spear of Longinus, right?

Nope, it turns out that it’s actually Gungnir that has the capability of severing godlike powers. So basically, Hibiki got that ability all along!

Which means that she has more reasons to fight back as Hibiki got up and turned her right hand into a drill.

And look, Tiki got pierced by the heavens thanks to Hibiki Tachibana’s power of her Gungnir!

Man, I wish someone would say that the Spear of Longinus is the only relic to defeat a god, but I think that Gungnir is an acceptable substitute.

Still, Tiki’s divine powers has transferred into Adam Weishaupt ’cause he needs it badly.

Also, the Lodgemaster discarded Tiki because c’mon, he’s an asshole despite revealing to be a mere Auto-Scorer! Anyways, looks like the world will end as Adam becomes a god.

Except that the Lodgemaster didn’t get anything as the divine power was given to Hibiki instead. Jokes on you, Adam Weishaupt!

Then again, I have a bad feeling about this…

Turns out, the amount of divine power she’s receiving has turned Hibiki Tachibana into a cocoon of mass destruction. Hell, even the Lodgemaster is afraid!

So, what will SONG and the Symphogear users do now as they saw Hibiki become a freaking final boss in the making? On the other hand, what’s gonna happen to Adam Weishaupt now that his plans are ruined? I mean, who wants him standing there and do nothing!?

Well then, I’ll see you next time for the penultimate episode of Symphogear AXZ. Let’s hope that a certain fansubbing group would release it on time!

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