Knight’s and Magic Episode #13

Here’s Batson Tendony as he’s steering the Levitate Ship Jilbaveil from danger…

…especially when dealing with Oratio Gojass and his Vyver for this final episode!

Meanwhile, Ernesti Echevalier got stumped on the previous episode when Lord Gojass developed a smoke that clogged Ikaruga’s Magius Jet Engines.

Therefore, Ernie has something to counter his Vyver after taking some notes from his rival.

So, Ernesti fired his special-made Bespiari Javelins at the Levitate Ship, but I don’t it’ll work those out as Doloteo Mardonnes will just destroy those javelins!

As you can see, Vyver’s lightning curtain will just intercept those javelins, much like how missiles got destroyed by close-in weapon systems found in modern warships.

However, seems that Ernesti anticipated it as the Bespiari Javelins contained oil-like substances that Oratio Gojass got him curious.

But then again, it’s not like this substance would set Gojass’ magnificent Levitate Ship on fire, right?

Oh wait, I spoke too soon as Ernie shoot a fireball which burns the Vyver until its skin melted and its systems fried. Hmm, I wonder how dragon meat taste like?

Meanwhile, Lord Gojass’ urged Commander Doloteo to use Vyver’s secret weapon called the Blood Grail…

…which powers up the Levitate Ship and turn bigger. Sure that it’s an illusion and a barrier that makes long-range attacks ineffective, but it’s effective when intimidating enemies.

C’mon, people don’t like dragons especially when they’re big and dangerous!

Meanwhile, Deitrich Knitz, Nora Frykberg, and the Order of the Azure Hawk have managed to capture the fortress in Delvancul.

Yeah, the Zaloudek troops are not as tough and smart when it comes to fending off infiltrators!

But anyways, this gives Crown Prince Emrys to lead his troops on occupying the castle. Sucks to be a defender when your allies are too dumb to defend the fortres!

However, Gustav Mardonnes says otherwise as he’s now piloting Prince Cristobal’s Alkeloryx, now named Deadman’s Sword and it has more swords as expected!

And while Gustav didn’t see his rival Deitrich since his Guairlinde got wrecked, this swordnut has found a suitable replacement for his urge to hack and slash!

Case in point, it’s Edgar C. Blanche and his Earldilandecumber as it’s being overwhelmed by the power of Gustav’s Silhouette Knight.

Still, Edgar won’t give up the fight as he holds his ground despite his machine getting cut into pieces.

Thanks to Edgar C. Blanche biding his time, Crown Prince Emrys used Goldleo’s Blast Howling against Gustav Mardonnes’ Deadman’s Sword!

And as you can see here, the sword nut didn’t stand a chance against the might of the Goldleo. Gustav will be missed!

As for Edgar C. Blanche, he survived ’cause he’s tough as his mighty shield.

Now then, let’s return to the battle between geniuses as Ernesti Echevalier proves to Oratio Gojass that form and function are important. But for Lord Gojass however, it’s all just functions!

Yeah, I’m inserting a joke on how Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite looked awful as Capcom didn’t even try to make it look good. Also, here’s a Gundam reference where it has those Newtype moments of people talking using their minds!

But anyways, time for Ernie and his Ikaruga to close in onto the Vyver and spray bullets until it hits something.

Luckily for the silver-haired boy genius, his shots have managed to shatter the Vyver’s windshield.

Hmm, doesn’t look like it’ll go down easily as the Ikaruga made a scratch on the drake-like Levitate Ship!

Never mind, it appears that Vyver’s Blood Grail reactor just got busted after a long period of use.

Yeah, seems that Lord Gojass’ precious reactor has exploded, but that’s okay for him because Oratio will make a better version of the Blood Grail. Still, I wonder if he’s okay though?

Anyways, seems that Doloteo Mardonnes won’t surrender until he delivered his vengeance for Prince Cristobal’s death as the commander goes for his last stand…

…by piloting the Vyver and crash it towards the Kuschpercha camp. Even Queen Eleonora and Isadora are scared by the approaching Levitate Ship.

Still, the Queen of Kuschpercha won’t back down as she’ll continue to rally her troops towards victory. Gotta say that the queen has become a brave woman!

As for Ernesti Echevalier, he won’t let a mechanical dragon crash into the ground as he pushed the Vyver much like Amuro Ray did when pushing Luna 2 away from Earth.

Oh yeah, this is another Gundam reference and it proves that the Ikaruga isn’t just for show! Then again, Ernie couldn’t do anything other than pushing the Levitate Ship.

Fortunately, Archid Walter has decided to become the hero of this final episode as he got out from the Jilbaveil…

…and delivered the final blow against Doloteo Mardonnes and his Vyver. I must say that Archid did the impossible and he deserved it.

But now, he’s gonna fall down together with the Levitate Ship.

So, Ernie told Kid to abandon the Tzendolimble and save himself ’cause Archid’s life is important than a machine.

Besides, Ernesti will find the remains of the Tzendolimble and make it better after this battle!

With that said, it’s time for Archid Walter to abandon his precious Silhouette Knight…

…and get rescued by Ernesti Echevalier. C’mon, they’re friends since forever!

And here’s the aftermath of the Vyver as it just exploded into a ball of flame. But you know what, Ernie won’t just leave it there because he wants to study the Blood Grail and its functions. After all, he still has the soul of a mecha otaku!

And there you have it, the Zaloudek Kingdom suffered a major defeat and Delvancul was taken back by Queen Eleonora’s forces. I have to say that Zaloudek won’t pursue their ambitions on world conquest because they’re stupid and they’re obsessed with revenge.

As for Eleonora Miranda Kuschpercha, she’s formally crowned as the queen of the now-reborn Kingdom of Kuschpercha. Yeah, she’s gonna be busy from now on as Eleonora rebuilds her country!

Of course, she’ll miss her dear knight Archid Walter as he and the rest of the Silver Phoenix will return to Fremmevira.

You know what, I feel that Queen Eleonora is in love with Archid, but he’s not aware of it because c’mon, Archid considers Eleonora as a friend. For now, Kid wants to become a better knight for Queen Eleonora!

Oh yeah, it seems that not all of Zaloudek didn’t surrender as Gustav Mardonnes survived, surprisingly enough! Really, I thought that he’s a goner when his Deadman’s Sword got decimated by Goldleo’s Blast Howling?

Still, he won’t have a Silhouette Knight for the time being as Zaloudek is crying at the corner for their major loss. Oh and to rub salt in their wounds, it appears that Princess Catalina Camilla Zaloudek committed suicide which shocks Prince Carlitos Bilt Zaloudek to the brim.

One last thing, seems that Oratio Gojass has survived as well. But then again, staying in Zaloudek won’t do much for him so Lord Gojass has decided to sell his technology to other nations, which gives the rise of Levitate Ships as the means for transport.

Still, Oratio Gojass is looking forward to challenge Ernesti Echevalier for technological supremacy. Of course, that’ll be reserved in future volumes from the original light novels.

Anyways, Knight’s and Magic is finally over and 8-bit did a decent job on this adaptation. However, I feel that the whole Zaloudek Kingdom acting the enemy is just too weak and stupid to take on Ernie, when there are a few characters who are far more competent like Lady Kerhilt and Lord Gojass. After all, Ernesti Echevalier is known from being a programmer in his past life.

Aside from having an incompetent evil empire to challenge the protagonist, I like how the likes of Deitrich Knitz and Archid Walter have developed into decent characters. However, I feel that some characters like the aforementioned Lady Kerhilt and Archid’s sister Adeltrud needs some development. Heck, I’m disappointed when 8-bit didn’t explore Kerhilt’s backstory.

Lastly, the animation looks okay especially the CGI battles done by 8-bit. Still, I feel that the ending is hooking me to read the novels because there’s more story in Knight’s and Magic and I doubt that 8-bit will do a sequel. In any case, I’m done watching this show and Ernie is happy that he’s living the life as the mecha pilot and designer on this world!

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