Sakurada Reset Episodes #20 – #24

Well, this is gonna be one hell of a story arc as Masamune Urachi is starting to succeed on erasing every ability in Sakurada.

Then again, it’s not quite perfect as Kei Asai still has his memories where abilities exists. And really, he’s been cornered as this point as his only girlfriend Misora Haruki got her age regressed by Urachi. What a bastard!

But first, Kei-kun will have to meet his biological mother as it turns out that she doesn’t like his son going to Sakurada, but he did it anyway in which Kei’s mom got pretty upset.

On the other hand, Kei Asai has a sister named Megumi which not only means “blessing” or “deep love” in Japanese, but also has the same kanji letter as Kei-kun.

Of course, neither his mother nor his little sister know that he’s their long-lost family member, which is sad that Kei could have a happy family shouldn’t he ran away to Sakurada. But anyways, he apologized to his biological mother even though she didn’t know about it.

Now then, Kei-kun has finally found Misora Haruki, but she doesn’t remember anything nor her abilities. Fortunately, Asai got one of Hiroyuki Sasano’s photos where he transported Haruki into the world where abilities still exists.

With that said, Kei-kun managed to convince Misora to perform the reset so that it’ll return to the previous state where Masamune Urachi didn’t disable Haruki’s abilities and such.

Speaking of Urachi, he and his fellow Bureau members are still continuing their plan of erasing all abilities in this town. Despite some minor setbacks, I think Urachi has another plan that it’ll work out in his favor.

But for Kei Asai however, he has another plan to counter the Bureau’s move as he went to see the real Sumire Souma and send some instructions towards the second witch in order not to meet with Masamune Urachi.

Of course, sending some of Sumire’s future predictions require both Yousuke Sakagami and Tomoki Nakano’s abilities to work in such as short time. After all, it takes 10 minutes to stay at one of Sasano’s photos.

Oh yeah, if you’re wondering who’s the second witch? You’ve probably thinking that the real Sumire Souma is the second witch, right?

Not a chance though as the designation of the second witch belongs to this Sumire Souma, which she’s being cornered by the Bureau at this moment.

As you can see, this Sumire clone is stuck between a rock and a hard place as Masamune Urachi asked her on what his future will be.

Then again, she already answered that a long time ago but the second witch told Urachi that she won’t get anything from either his nor his assistant Sakuin-san.

So, she decides to end her life by throwing herself from the building. Yeah, even Sakuin-san can’t bear to watch!

Just kidding, turns out that Youka Murase saved the second witch from her demise. Yeah, glad that this Sumire clone is safe for now!

So while the Bureau convinced that she’s a goner, this Sumire Souma clone is not out of danger yet ’cause Masamune will another plan to get rid of all abilities.

Therefore, Kei Asai asked Eri Oka for help as Kei-kun admits his defeat over the previous timeline. I mean, Eri working with Masamune-san has put Asai into a corner!

Then again, Eri refused to work with her enemy but that doesn’t stop Kei from convincing his junior to cooperate on his plan to preserve all abilities in Sakurada.

Also, Kei Asai invited Sasane Ukawa in which you’re thinking, why would a Bureau member helping Asai when Ukawa might actually ruin his plans?

Well, it took Kei-kun to convince Sasane-san that abilities should stay in Sakurada, which is why she agreed wholeheartedly to help Asai on preserving those abilities.

And speaking of those abilities, there’s one man who doesn’t need them as Masamune Urachi is here to tell Kei Asai that he lost the battle no matter how many resets nor any workarounds.

Just kidding, he’s not here to tell Kei about that as Masamune-san is a civil man, opting to hear a person’s opinion in regards to special abilities in Sakurada. Heck, Kei Asai offers some collaboration with the Bureau in regards to controlling and preserving all abilities, but I doubt that Urachi can do that though.

So yeah, Masamune Urachi wanted to beat Kei Asai and get rid of all abilities in this town right away.

And the only way for Urachi to win against Asai is to tell his companion Kagaya-san to shake Kei’s hand as a sign of defeat.

But then again, Kei Asai knows Kagaya’s ability so instead of being frozen in eternity, Kei asked his friends sitting in the next room to cancel Kagaya’s locking ability and made them forget his powers for 5 minutes.

Of course, Masamune Urachi can reverse its effects thanks to his ability, which means that Kagaya can use his locking powers again.

So yeah, Masamune Urachi still emerged victorious when his men surrounded Kei Asai for defying the Bureau. Basically, Kei has nowhere to run away…

Psyche, as if Asai would concede defeat as he borrowed one of Ukawa’s rings to create a hole as a means of escape.

Oh, and Kei-kun made a hole for Masamune Urachi ’cause nothing like having a prominent Bureau member as a hostage. Then again, I doubt that Asai would hold Urachi for a long time!

Meanwhile, the rest of Asai’s accomplices managed to escaped from the Bureau. Sure that riding in tandem in a bicycle is illegal, but both Sasane Ukawa and Eri Oka have no other choice.

Now then, let’s go back to Masamune Urachi as he’s currently held by Kei Asai and his two accomplices, Shintarou Tsushima and Tomoki Nakano.

Oh, and Masamune did something funny, Kei-kun would resort to violence but I don’t think Asai would win in a knife fight. In fact, Urachi would take the knife away from Asai.

Anyways, even though Kei Asai tries to convince him on keeping all special abilities in Sakurada, Masamune Urachi is a stubborn man as he wants to get rid all of the abilities. But then again, removing all powers won’t solve Urachi’s problems like having his parents being frozen accidentally by Kagaya, which he felt guilty on locking Masamune’s father into a standstill. And by the way, Masamune’s dad is responsible for putting a boundary around Sakurada.

So yeah, Masamune Urachi’s plan might not work in the long run, and I have to say that damn him for avoiding hard problems when Kei Asai has better ways to save someone!

In fact, Asai has one right now when he relayed his conversation with Urachi message via Nakano’s ability towards Kagaya-san. After all, he’s the one who froze Masamune’s parents in the first place and Kagaya is still depressed about it.

Oh yeah, Misora Haruki didn’t get into danger or anything as she helped Kei-kun on convincing Kagaya-san on cooperating with Asai, which he agreed on keeping all of Sakurada’s abilities while finding a way to save Urachi’s father and mother. It would be hard and it takes time, but it’s better to work on solving that problem than taking the easy route.

And so, seems that Masamune Urachi has conceded defeat as he decided to help Kei Asai on preserving all of the abilities in Sakurada, while finding ways to save his parents one step at the time.

Now that it’s over for Urachi, there’s one more thing left to do for Kei Asai…

And that involves Sumire Souma in which she collapsed after receiving all of her memories from previous timeline, and got transported into the dream world.

Currently, she’s talking to Chiruchiru about her problems, especially when her true feelings for Kei Asai got shattered when he chose Misora Haruki over her.

So, it’s up to both Kei and Misora to save Sumire-chan in their own way as they’re greeted by Honoka “Michiru” Katagiri in the dream world. Nice to see Michiru return and I feel that she’s living happy in the real world.

But still, they can’t go together because it’ll infuriate Sumire Souma even more, so they’ll have to confront her separately!

Anyways, Kei Asai went first to see Sumire-chan and man, she’s very sad that Sumire wanted Kei-kun to stay in the dream world forever. However, Asai can’t do that because he has a task of controlling and preserving all abilities, and also he wants Souma to continue helping him.

Then again, why would Sumire continue to help him when Kei-kun couldn’t help her like being Sumire’s boyfriend? So, Sumire Souma invited Kei Asai to a game when he’ll guess her real name. Otherwise, Sumire will determine Kei’s fate. Still, it’s silly for Kei Asai to tell Sumire’s real name since it’s actually Sumire Souma.

Seriously Souma, you’re just being jealous when Misora Haruki becomes Haruki’s boyfriend. Besides, Asai treats you as an important friend, nothing more and nothing less!

And speaking of Misora Haruki, she’s here to ask where Kei Asai is, as well as telling Sumire Souma to stop her tantrum at once.

Of course, Sumire will tell Misora that Kei Asai has turned into a stone because he lost a game, but I doubt that Souma would do such a thing because she’s not the god of the dream world. And not only that, but Sumire dared Misora into using her reset ability, but I don’t think Haruki would do that because Asai might hate her if she uses that without permission.

But you know what, I think that both of them should reconcile since they’re friends to begin with… or have a threesome with Kei Asai, but I doubt that he’ll do that because Sumire Souma is the Second Witch and she needs to have a normal life.

Anyways, I think that both Misora Haruki and Sumire Souma have reconciled. Now then, where’s Kei-kun?

Oh, he returned in the real world as he’s sitting beside Sumire Souma…

…who just got up from the dream world. And I must say that she looked so cute when sleeping, something that Kei-kun would say it.

Still, there are no hard feelings for both of them as Sumire would take her leave. I mean, she can’t stick around for much longer or Masamune Urachi would change his mind!

Oh yeah, and here’s Misora Haruka as she emerges after Sumire Souma left. What a cheeky girl she is!

In any case, Kei-kun will continue to date Misora even though he’ll be busy preserving all abilities in his beloved town. Heck, Misora suggested to Kei-kun that she’ll grow her hair again.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you about this but Kei Asai actually kissed Misora Haruki before… Two years ago before the reset happened. And you know what, Haruki remembering that moment from Asai’s memories has made her happy!

And that’s about it for Sakurada Reset. I must say that watching this show made me a bit bored in some areas, but this final story arc is quite something after the previous one as it resolved most of the plot. Speaking of the final arc, I feel that Masamune Urachi is not a bad person as he got misunderstood when he set his sights on getting rid of all abilities. Good thing Kei Asai found a way to save Masamune-san’s parents, which he succeeded in the end.

Also, while the love triangle of Kei/Misora/Sumire has been resolved, something tells me that I forgot something… Oh wait, what happened to the MacGuffin? Did Kei throw it away or the Bureau has it? Then again, it could be me or the author forgetting about that plot device.

With that said, Sakurada Reset is a decent show and it has a good ending, but you need a lot of patience to watch all 24 episodes. Still, it’s better to have a conclusion than leaving it hanging like any other series based on light novels!

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