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Tenshi no 3P! Episodes #11 & #12

Alright everyone, are you expecting a drama-filled penultimate episode where Kyo Nukui might get bullied again? Well, turns out that our priestess Kiryu-sama is getting a hissy fit over Kyo’s “cheating”. Yeah, it’s nothing dramatic or anything as it’s just … Continue reading

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2017 Season: 2nd Half!

This post is brought you by Aqours from Love Live! Sunshine!! as they finished their HAPPY PARTY TRAIN TOUR yesterday. Of course, I’ll be watching the delayed live viewing this month, which is weird for me because the second season … Continue reading

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Gamers! Episode #12

Well everyone, last week is the final episode of Gamers! as starting this week, Aoi Sekina’s light novel series will have a spin-off starring Eiichi Misumi and his quest to become the best video gamer ever! Just kidding, as if … Continue reading

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