Gamers! Episode #12

Well everyone, last week is the final episode of Gamers! as starting this week, Aoi Sekina’s light novel series will have a spin-off starring Eiichi Misumi and his quest to become the best video gamer ever!

Just kidding, as if Fujimi Shobo and the author would do that as they’ll stick with the rom-com genre with a video gamer motif on it. Sorry for the disappointment but you know what, I feel that Eiichi Misumi’s story deserves to be expanded into a full-fledged series…

Anyways, let’s move onto the final episode of Gamers! where the main quintet are having a training camp outside the city.

Oh yeah, and here’s both Keita Amano and Aguri-san as they’re flirting with each other. Y’know, I think they should stop flirting during the training camp…

…especially when their respective romantic partners (plus Chiaki Hoshinomori) are staring at both Aguri and Keita-kun. C’mon, this is a training camp for gamers, not some romantic trip with Chiaki acting as the fifth wheel! Man, I wish Konoha-chan joined too.

By the way, this training camp is not just about the appreciation of video games regardless of quality, but also serves for the introduction of it where Tasuku Uehara’s girlfriend Aguri-san doesn’t understand video games as she saw it as a time-waster. Really Aguri-san, it’s not a waste of time as people would play games to relieve stress after a day’s work!

Oh yeah, let’s also talk about downloadable content where you pay money to buy all sorts of things on your favorite video game, from costumes, new characters, to extra modes or stories to play. Then again, talking about DLC when Aguri-san is a newbie is a bit of a stretch there. In fact, this last episode is actually disguised as a free DLC!

Also, we have fanservice as Chiaki Hoshinomori, Aguri-san, and Karen Tendou are hanging out at the hot springs.

Y’know, Aguri’s breasts aren’t as big compared to Karen and Chiaki, so it’s pretty much modest there!

And speaking of Chiaki Hoshinomori, is it me or her boobs just got bigger? Of course, Aguri-san doesn’t care about breast sizes.

Also, the censorship on this episode is quite strict on this. Maybe this episode is basically made half-assed, taunting us to buy the Blu-ray version on this DLC episode!

But despite all of their efforts, let’s just say that Aguri-san that playing games is a waste of time. Then again, seems that Aguri-san has changed her mind and she’s convinced that games are great, just hoping that Aguri would look for good ones and avoid buying useless DLC.

And that’s about it for Gamers! as I feel that this series felt a bit short. I mean, having this anime focus on the lives of gamers is good, but adding romance has turned into a complicated mess. C’mon, I can’t believe that Chiaki Hoshinomori didn’t told about her internet alter-ego to Keita Amano in the end, leaving her forever friend-zoned.

Still, it’s watchable as Gamers! have a lot of shout-outs to video games, including a promotion to Arc System Works. Nevertheless, I feel that this show won’t have another season because maybe Gamers! wasn’t as good as Aoi Sekina’s previous series Seitokai no Ichizon. Then again, it’s up to you whether the anime adaptation is good or bad but in my opinion, Gamers! may not be the worst but it’s just one of those shows that didn’t impress me a lot.

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