Animegataris Episode #02

So it seems that the last scene from Episode 1 was just random as Minoa Asagaya watched tons of anime recommended by Arisu Kamiigusa.

Then again, Minoa couldn’t understand a thing since she’s a newbie to anime!

By the way, this is Minoa’s elder sister Maya who is also a newbie when it comes to anime. Oh yeah, and she’s also the protagonist of the predecessor Animegatari.

Anyways, time for Minoa and Arisu to recruit members for the anime research club and seriously, did Kamiigusa took notes from Haruhi Suzumiya when she forced Mikuru Asahina to wear bunny girl suits?

While it’s a shout-out to The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, seems that Minoa is so embarrassed at the moment that recruiting members would be very difficult.

BTW, here’s that talking cat again and I have to say that Minoa got used to it after that shocking revelation. Also, this cat is called Neko-sensei and he doesn’t like being called Doraemon.

Anyways, Neko-sensei told Minoa to keep his talking ability a secret. Also, he told her not to open a secret door inside the club room, which stores the mysterious beret before Minoa lost it. I wonder what happened to that special hat?

Now then, seems that Arisu Kamiigusa has finally recruited members to their anime research club, starting with Miko Kouenji who looked like a bespectacled quiet character but she’s an avid fan of light novels.

Of course, Miko is known for being harsh when comparing the source material to the anime adaptation, which might put at odds towards Arisu-chan at most. Good thing Kouenji stayed in the club after Minoa defused the situation.

Next up is Erika Aoyama, the third year student who might looked like a normal gal-type character, but she’s actually knows about anime.

Also, Erika-sempai is Maya’s friend from Animegatari in which she help her friend on getting into anime. Then again, both the short series and this TV series are vastly different.

Moving onto Kai Musashisakai and judging from his name and mannerism, he’s your typical chuunibyou/fourteen-sick character.

I have nothing to say about Kaikai as he learned a lot from watching battle fantasy anime or anything that involves action and other flashy scenes.

And finally, here’s Kouki Nakano who might looked like your typical ikemen from Sakaneko High School, but he’s actually a hardcore idol anime fan as seen from his t-shirt. I wonder if Kouki-kun squealed when he heard about Anju Inami voicing a character on this show?

With that said, looks like the anime research club got its members and they’re ready to begin their club activities!

And then, it’ll be shut down quickly afterwards. What, they haven’t started their activities yet dammit!

Well then, I’ll see you next time and I’d say that this one will be resolved quickly as if nothing ever happened.

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