Summer 2017: The end of the rest…

This post is brought you by the Shiba siblings from Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei as I’ve recently watched the film and I have to say that it was good.

Still, I bet that Aniplex and Kadokawa ASCII Media Works will commission another season of Mahouka, but I think that it won’t be Madhouse who will create Season 2 in the future. Maybe 8-bit or even SILVER LINK will do it in later time…

With that said, I know that I’m late on closing Summer 2017 out, but let’s finish this!

01. Hina Logi ~from Luck & Logic~

Anyway, let’s start with Hina Logi as it has a satisfying conclusion where Liones Yelistratova didn’t lost her will when doing a Trance, all thanks to Nina Alexandrovna and other classmates from Pirari Academy. Basically, Lion-chan has managed to become a better Logicalist through the power of friendship!

Gotta say that this spin-off to Luck & Logic is actually good and I like how the interaction among the students at Pirari Academy going smoothly. Sure that there’s no drama on this spin-off, but I feel that I like Hina Logi more than the main series due to the fact that it has the cutest moments on that spin-off.

02. Koi to Uso

Next up is Koi to Uso as it seems that there’s a compromise ending on this anime show. Of course, I rather have Yukari Nejima get a harem instead of being tied up to Lilina Sanada. I mean, Nejima can love both Misaki Takasaki and Lilina Sanada if he can defy the government.

But then again, I feel that this anime felt bad as there are some questions left unanswered like how Shuu Igarashi hacked the computer and paired Takasaki with Nejima before the officials gave Yukari the paper notice, and how Yuusuke Nisaka fell in love with Nejima in the first place. I mean, Nisaka couldn’t just kiss Nejima because he’s cute and all that. Nevertheless, Koi to Uso felt lackluster and it made me felt disappointed for how this anime adaptation felt shit that I would rather stay away from it.

03. My Hero Academia

And finally, let’s end this post with My Hero Academia as U.A. High School hold a special final exam for Class 1-A, where students must face off against one of the faculty staff posing off as a villain. The reason why U.A. High School wanted to hold a special exam is because they need to prepare for an influx of villains who are inspired by Stain’s actions in the previous arc. And while only 4 students have failed, most of them passed the test by overcoming their weaknesses. But as for Izuku Midoriya, he not only saved his childhood friend Katsuki Bakugou despite being hostile, but also overcome the biggest obstacle which is Deku’s idol All Might.

With that said, I must say that My Hero Academia Season 2 is a major improvement over the first season as while the animation quality is slightly better, the characters and the plot has improved a lot and I must say that Izuku and his fellow classmates have gone better. Well, except for Katsuki Bakugou who is still a pain in the ass when it comes to his arrogant behavior.

And that’s the end of Summer 2017 as I now move onto Fall 2017!

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