Girls’ Last Tour Episode #05

Hey everyone, it’s time for Episode 5 as Chito and Yuuri are staying at an abandoned apartment.

Well, it’s been a long time that both girls found a place to stay for a night. I mean, it’s dangerous outside!

Meanwhile, seems that we have a weird dream sequence as Chi-chan is being blown away by a giant Yuu.

Seriously WHITE FOX, you’re tripping me out with this scene!

Of course, it’s all just a dream as Chi-chan woke up after taking a long nap. Well, at least she’s alive together with Yuu!

And speaking of Yuuri, she has a spark of imagination as Yuu puts her helmet onto a dripping spot. Seems that Yuuri wants to hear the sound of rain very clearly.

Eventually, Chito helped her on finding cans and place them when there’s a downpour.

And here’s a result as they created music using mother nature and a bunch of scrapped materials. Well, I have to say that these girls have musical talent despite living in an apocalyptic world.

But that’s about it for this episode of Girls’ Last Tour as I’ll see you next week…

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