Love Live! Sunshine!! Season 2 Episode #05

Hey guys, it’s time for Episode 5 and it’s no secret that Riko Sakurauchi has a phobia of dogs ever since Shiitake *ahem* approached her.

Even today, despite her attempts to pat Shiitake in the head, seems that Riko is still scared of dogs that she runs away all the time. Poor Riko-chan…

On the other hand, Yoshiko “Yohane” Tsushima is taking care of an abandoned puppy that she found at the sidewalk.

Then again, Riko-chan is still afraid of dogs that she puts a distant between herself and the dog that Yohane is taking care of.

And much like Shiitake, Yohane’s dog is chasing Riko Sakurauchi. Poor Riko-chan…

And to make matters worse, Riko is forced to take care of the dog as Yoshiko couldn’t bring it to her apartment. Yeah, mansion rules are very strict when it comes to bringing pets.

But you know what, seems that Riko Sakurauchi is somewhat enjoying it on taking care of Yohane’s dog (now named Nocturne), which I’m surprised that she managed to overcome her fear of dogs.

Sadly, it’s time for Yohane to take her dog (now named Laelaps) back because she claimed that its her fate to be with her pet for the rest of her life.

I mean, screw the mansion rules as long as Yoshi- I mean Yohane will take good care of her dog!

However, Riko’s mother told her daughter and Yoshiko some bad news that the original owner is here to claim the dog. What a shame for both of them…

And so, the original owner got her dog back and it sucks that both Yoshiko and Riko have fallen in love with it, even for a short amount of time.

On the other hand, I’m surprised that there’s more interaction between Yohane and Riko and it seems that it’s great to have them get along on this episode (and to appease those YohaRiko shippers). Sure that Yoshi- I mean Yohane has a string of bad luck during her lifetime, seems that she’s very lucky that Yohane is being paired up with Riko because there’s an invisible force that’s pushing them to encounter miracles!

But that’s about it for this week’s episode of Love Live! Sunshine!! Season 2 as I’ll see you on the next episode. Gotta say that I loved this episode including the previous one!

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