Sangatsu no Lion Episode #26

Well, I have to say that this episode would break your heart (including me) as it deals with bullying.

As you can see, Hinata Kawamoto has become the target of bullying in her middle school and it’s so heart-breaking that she’s reduced to tears that Akari-san did her utmost best to comfort her.

Of course, the reason why Hinata was being bullied is because she defended her childhood friend Chiho Sakura from bullies.

I mean, both Hina-chan and Chiho are companions since kindergarten and they’re inseparable.

Unfortunately for Chiho Sakura, she couldn’t take it anymore as the bullying intensifies, which forces her to transfer schools in Iwate. Even then, Chiho felt the sense of fear that she’ll get bullied too!

But you know what, bullying is a serious subject that it should be taken seriously on how to stop it. While Hina-chan did her best to protect Chiho, neither the teachers nor her fellow classmates couldn’t do such a thing on stopping the cycle of harassment and isolation as if they didn’t see anything.

Still, the only thing that Rei Kiriyama can do is to comfort Hina-chan as he rushed to find her.

Eventually, Rei-kun found Hina-chan at the river as she’s still sad that she’s being the target of bullying, despite the fact that she did the right thing on protecting Chiho Sakura.

While he’s angry that the bullies did horrible things to her like wrecking her shoes and throwing her bag onto the toilet, Kiriyama can’t break their limbs or he’ll be in serious trouble. But you know what, I felt the same sentiment as Rei is.

For now, Hinata Kawamoto got better thanks to Rei Kiriyama and her family. Heck, Hina’s grandfather Someji is proud of her for doing the right thing instead of ignoring it like the rest of her classmates.

Still, I wonder what’s gonna happen on the next episode? Will the bullies get punished or we’re just gonna move onto the next story?

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  1. Karandi says:

    This was such a heart breaking episode. I also wonder what they will do next and whether this storyline will continue or will Rei get swept up in other things.

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