Sangatsu no Lion Episode #27

Here’s Rei Kiriyama as he’s talking to Hayashida-sensei on how to stop bullying, especially at Hinata’s middle school where the teachers couldn’t do a thing to stop these bullying incidents.

And while I commend Rei-kun for taking steps to create anti-bullying measures, it’s not easy to stop it completely.

As Takashi Hayashida pointed out, things would get messy when the parents of both parties will get involved, pointing fingers and all.

At worst, the victims will be isolated after the dust has settled. So yeah, it’s difficult to stop bullying and besides, there are a few people who are assholes and wanted to make everyone miserable.

But nevertheless, Rei Kiriyama will do everything to save Hina-chan from bullies… because he’s indebted to her.

Then again, Hayashida-sensei sees Kiriyama’s motivation as a way to express how he loved Hinata. Um, I don’t think Rei-kun has some intimate feelings for Hina-chan.

Meanwhile, here’s Akari Kawamoto as she felt helpless that Akari couldn’t anything when Hinata arrived in a distressed state.

But you know what, I feel that Akari-san is doing her best as the surrogate mother to both Hina-chan and Momo. Of course, Rei Kiriyama will find a way to save Hinata from those bullies.

Anyways, that’s about it for this week’s episode. I’m hoping that there’s a peaceful resolution to this bullying mess.

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