ChäoS;Child: Silent Sky

Well everyone, I welcome you back to ChäoS;Child where everything is back to normal after the events from the TV series that led Takuru Miyashiro to his disappearance from the public light.

And while the New Generation Madness murders has gone into obscurity, the story is not yet over as there are still questions not yet answered. But let’s start right away with Serika Onoe where she’s forgotten about the events from the TV series. Then again, it could be that what Takuru and his friends saw was just a figment of Serika’s presence or they’re just getting high on LSD.

In any case, Serika Onoe is living her normal life by hanging out with her friends at Shibuya, even though she was told by her guardian Katsuko Momose that it’s dangerous to go into that district.

And why it’s dangerous to go into Shibuya? Well, this is where horrible things that happened there such as the New Generation Madness which followed by the Shibuya earthquake, but there’s more to that…

Turns out, there are people affected by the so-called Chaos Child Syndrome where they gone through either experiments at the AH Tokyo General Hospital, or experiencing other phenomena like seeing twisted scenery and imaginary people.

And while Dr. Wataru Sakuma is already dead at the climax of the TV series, his experiments had a long-lasting effect on those victims. So much that a new law forbids anyone who slanders people with Chaos Child Syndrome.

Now then, let’s move onto the next scene where Serika went to Hekihou Academy. While she might not remember this place, seems that Serika Onoe is somewhat familiar with it…

Heck, she went to the club room where newspaper club resides, complete with all of the articles involved paranormal activities and urban legends.

Yeah, it feels so nostalgic going inside the club room where Takuru investigates the New Generation Madness murders, but Serika Onoe wants to know more about her past and her relationship with Takuru Miyashiro.

In any case, her guardian Katsuko Momose told Serika to meet a certain person from AH Tokyo General Hospital where she’ll find the answers there.

Now then, Serika Onoe went to AH Tokyo General Hospital but before she’ll meet that certain person, Mio Kunosato wants to show Serika something first…

That’s right, Serika Onoe’s friends and her club mates at the newspaper club in which Mio Kunosato told her that their existence should be kept under wraps for the time being.

And while they got the Chaos Child Syndrome, the likes of Senri Minamisawa and Hinae Arimura are currently in a coma for some mysterious reasons. It could be that they experienced so much stress, plus the fact that they couldn’t distinguish between delusion and reality, that they fainted and couldn’t wake up.

Afterwards, it’s time for Serika to meet this certain person that she has a connection with. And much like her friends, its existence remained secret after the event of the New Generation Madness murders.

In any case, Serika Onoe is gonna meet Takuru Miyashiro where he’s actually a criminal in this world, where in truth that he’s just a victim and a pawn to the Committee’s plot of controlling humanity by playing them with illusions. All I can say is that the Committee put him as a scapegoat so they can get away scot-free, but not before Takuru managed to stop their plans by killing Dr. Sakuma off.

By the way, Takuru has the Chaos Child Syndrome but he recovered thanks to delusion synchronization where Miyashiro returned to reality while his appearance reverted to its original state instead of turning into an old man. Of course, the reason why he recovered from the Chaos Child Syndrome is because of Serika Onoe. Well, the one that Takuru created from his imagination. Then again, the real Serika Onoe didn’t know about that because she thinks that Takuru Miyashiro committed horrible things.

With that said, Mio Kunosato asked Serika Onoe for assistance on finding a secret facility within AH Tokyo General Hospital and use its equipment to cure those who are affected by the Chaos Child Syndrome.

Now while Serika Onoe went there before and met someone there, she doesn’t remember much about it.

In any case, there’s one thing left to do but to use this facility to record Takuru Miyashiro’s brainwaves and used that to cure those who have Chaos Child Syndrome. After all, he’s the one who recovered from it thanks to Serika.

So while they’re currently processing his brainwaves, someone is about to disrupt them…

Someone like this guy named Shuuichi Wakui who is not only the advisor of the newspaper club, but he’s also a member of the Committee where he’s also responsible for the events that happened in the TV series, albeit a smaller but significant role.

Unlike Dr. Wataru Sakuma who wants to move up the ladder within the Committee of 300, Wakui is doing dirty jobs for the good of the Committee and they would have succeeded during the resurgence of the New Generation Madness murders if it wasn’t for Miyashiro ruining everything. Yet despite the major blunder, Shuuichi Wakui got the results from those events and now he’s trying to clean everything up. After all, the Committee doesn’t like having traces of their experiments.

Then again, Takuru Miyashiro won’t have his former club advisor do as he pleases as Miyashiro will do anything to stop Wakui. Of course, he’s not doing it for himself but rather his dear friend Serika Onoe.

Speaking of Serika Onoe, it appears that Takuru Miyashiro’s gallant effort made Serika remembered her time spent with her friend despite the fact that Takuru created an imaginary friend based on her image.

In any case, Miyashiro will play Wakui’s game but he won’t let his advisor win… somewhat.

On the other hand, we’ll never know what happened in regards to Takuru Miyashiro’s confrontation with Shuuichi Wakui. Heck, we don’t know if Wakui existed as either a real human being or a figment of someone’s delusion.

With that said, I feel that the Committee will just wash their hands and got away it this mess.

However, it appears that Mio Kunosato and Takeshi Shinjou’s efforts on using Takuru Miyashiro’s brainwaves have finally succeeded. Now everyone who has Chaos Child Syndrome can finally live their normal lives without looking like elderly people.

And as you can see, the likes of Uki Yamazoe and Hana Kazuki (which she finally talked) are living peacefully instead of being involved in the Committee’s wrongdoings. Sadly for them, they’ll never know what happened to Takuru Miyashiro. Heck, they might not even remember him at all.

As for Takuru Miyashiro, he’ll be transferred to another facility or rather a prison as he’s found guilty.

Of course, he has no regrets on being put behind bars as Takuru let Serika Onoe lived a normal life.

Unfortunately for them, they won’t see each other again, which is sad because it’ll be the last time that these two would meet eye-to-eye. Still, they had such fun memories on whether it’s good or bad.

And that’s the end of ChäoS;Child: Silent Sky as it’s a great send-off for this series. While the story of Takuru Miyashiro and his friends have reached its conclusion, a few questions will remained unanswered in which I’m disappointed for it. Until we see a new entry from 5pb’s Science Adventure series, it’s time to say good bye to ChäoS;Child!

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