The Ancient Magus’ Bride Episode #09

And now, we’re back to normal after last week’s episode. Sure that Chise Hatori is okay and she got Ulysse as her familiar (now known as Ruth), Elias Ainsworth is not feeling well after his horrible transformation to take out Joseph/Cartaphilus.

On the other hand, it looks like Chise will do some errands from Silky for the time being.

Now you may think that she’s the silent type, by Silky is very strict especially towards her master Elias.

Anyways, Chise Hatori and Ruth went shopping for the time being. Oh yeah, and they met Angelica Burley along the way.

By the way, Angelica gave Chise some advise to rely on others apart from Elias because c’mon, she’s a Sleigh Beggy and her body couldn’t take it when using magic.

After a day of shopping, Chise and Ruth have returned to their home and now they’re about to enter Elias’ room.

Well, only Chise Hatori has entered the room and I have to say that I felt something dangerous inside the room.

Therefore, the door was suddenly closed and Ruth got locked out. Yeah, I have to say that the Thorn Mage is still not yet recovered.

And as you can see, his hideous form is still intact as Elias is about to pounce on Chise.

Fortunately, Elias Ainsworth still has some control over his body so it seems that Chise Hatori is safe from being attacked by an unstable Thorn Mage.

However, it appears that Silky will have a word for her master as she brought a hammer. I have to say that Silky is very mad towards Elias due to capturing Chise inside his room.

After a long night, Elias Ainsworth suddenly disappeared in which Chise Hatori is worried sick about him. Um Chise, I think he’ll return to the house once today’s business is done.

But anyways, Chise and her familiar Ruth went high and low to find the Thorn Mage as his body is still unstable. I mean, who wants to see his hideous appearance in front of people?

Along the way, Chise met this old man named Joel Garland who is accompanied by a Leanan Sidhe, a vampire-like creature who gives them wisdom in exchange for their blood.

However, it turns out that Joel couldn’t see her. And as for the Leanan Sidhe, she didn’t actually take Joel Garland’s blood as she somewhat has feelings for him. Then again, I could be wrong as this Leanan Sidhe is just lying.

As you can see, she stole Chise’s kiss unexpectedly. That’ll make Elias Ainsworth very jealous!

In any case, it was a nice diversion but man, I feel that this Leanan Sidhe is just teasing Chise Hatori.

After that diversion, Ruth has finally found Elias Ainsworth in which Chise rushed in to see the Thorn Mage.

And as you can see, he returns to his usual form after staying at the forest. Still, I wish Chise Hatori should just wait until he returned to his home.

But then again, Chise is somewhat angry that she was kept out of the loop. C’mon, she’s worried sick after Elias disappeared so that’s why she’s mad towards the Thorn Mage.

In any case, what’s important is that Elias Ainsworth has returned to his normal form so all’s well that ends well!

Unfortunately, someone interrupted this heartwarming moment when a selkie made a crash landing towards Elias.

Oh, and this selkie told Chise that she has an appointment… from the land of the dragons. Oh boy, I wonder what Lindel is up to?

Anyways, I’ll see you on the next episode as Elias Ainsworth and Chise Hatori will return to the dragon’s den in Iceland!

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