Girls’ Last Tour Episode #11

Hey everyone, it’s the penultimate episode where Chito and Yuuri have decided to take the strange creature in, now named as Nuko.

Also, it turns out that Nuko can eat anything from rifle cartridges to even gasoline. Hmm, I wonder if Nuko is actually a biological weapon in its infant state?

Meanwhile, looks like it’s raining screws on this town. Good thing Chi-chan kept her helmet on but there’s something that they need to check it out…

…which turned out to be a giant robot. Unlike the robots that they saw back in Episode 9, this one is a humanoid-type.

Oh, and it turns out that the it’s not only functional (thanks to Nuko powering up), but the robot can be piloted by humans so Yuu handled the controls like she’s playing a game.

Unfortunately, Yuuri pressed the wrong button which activated a laser cannon, destroying everything in a single shot.

Afterwards, both girls saw the devastating power of the giant robot…

…as they saw the city being covered in a sea of flames. I have to say that Yuuri shouldn’t mess up with the controls or they’ll get toasted.

Heck, even Chito got angry because Yuu did something horrible. Well, at least Yuuri learned her lesson but it shows that having giant robots and other weapons of mass destruction is very dangerous.

After all, these weapons are the ones that cause the near-extinction of humans as they’re obsessed on reaching the top of the chain at the expense of others through war. I must say that the girls are horrified that these weapons exists to have men use it to kill their fellow men.

In any case, it looks like the girls will have to stay inside the robot until the fire dies down with water sprinklers.

And speaking of weapons, they stumbled upon a nuclear submarine in which Nuko led both Chito and Yuuri there. I wonder if the submarine carried nuclear warheads?

In any case, I’ll see you next time for the final episode! Of course, what lies inside the submarine could endanger both girls.

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