Sangatsu no Lion Episode #32

Let’s talk about Junkei Yamazaki shall we as while he doesn’t talk much and brag about his shogi career, Junkei felt that he’s not reaching his goals very much.

So when one of his friends asked him if he reached the title of Meijin, Yamazaki didn’t say anything until he told his friends that he needs to take care of the pigeons. Well, at least he didn’t became angry after hearing those insensitive comments.

Speaking of pigeons, this is Junkei Yamazaki’s other passion as raising pigeons to compete in races. Unfortunately, his pride and joy Silver went missing after a race. On top of that, it appears that his shogi career is in doubt when Yamazaki got demoted.

In any case, Junkei Yamazaki is having a crisis at the moment, although Junkei realized that he’s not being ambitious and daring enough unlike both Harunobu Nikaidou and Rei Kiriyama.

However, it appears that there’s still hope for Yamazaki as his pigeon Silver has returned to him. Although his racing pigeon is a bit weary, Junkei felt relieved that his pride and joy have returned. Now the only thing that he needs to do is to nurse Silver back to health.

Well then, looks like Junkei Yamazaki will do his best to recover from his loss against Rei Kiriyama. I’m hoping that he’ll be a strong shogi player as well as a pigeon trainer.

Meanwhile, let’s go back to Kyoto where Rei Kiriyama told the news about his victory towards Hinata Kawamoto. Also, he brought some desserts and medicine to relieve Hina’s stomachache.

For Hina-chan, she’s happy that Rei-kun is here to comfort her in times of sadness. However, I feel that the bullying will remain in Hinata’s middle school even after she graduated. It’s a growing problem that will never go away completely unless you have people who can genuinely help those victims.

Anyways, Hinata Kawamoto’s smile has returned thanks to Rei Kiriyama!

And since Rei Kiriyama has won the Newcomers’ Tournament, it’s time to pay the sisters back by treating them to a dessert shop where Hina-chan and Akari-san can order anmitsu with lots of toppings.

Oh, and let’s not forget about Momo as she wants to order a smaller serving too.

On the other hand, looks like Rei-kun and Someji-san are terrified that the girls have big appetites. But hey, it’s Kiriyama’s treat so it’s okay to order more until they’re full!

Anyways, I’ll see you on the next episode as we’ll reach the halfway point of this second season.

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