Two Car Episode #11

Aww, look how both Yuri Miyata and Megumi Meguro getting a bit down after learning that Coach Tanahashi is getting married.

But yeah, they’re mostly acting awkward where both Yuri and Megumi are starting to get friendly after that reveal. Seriously, where’s my banter between these two?

On the other hand, everyone knows about Yuri and Megumi’s love triangle over Coach Tanahashi, something that these two are getting flustered over it after their classmates made that video and show it to others.

Still, I feel bad that Yuri Miyata and Megumi Meguro got rejected without even telling their feelings to the coach.

Meanwhile, both Miyata and Meguro met the Birchall sisters, Tina and Betty Birchall. Yeah, they’re fans to this sister team who won the Isle of Man TT sidecar category.

Of course, the reason why the sisters are here in Miyakejima is because of Tanahashi, mostly with Betty Birchall in which she wasn’t interested towards him at first when Tanahashi lost his sidecar partner.

But when her sister Tina is not here to assist her, Tanahashi decided to help Betty because he got some free time.

Eventually, they fell in love and Tanahashi proposed to Betty Birchall by putting a nut as an engagement ring. How sweet!

Of course, both Yuri Miyata and Megumi Meguro told Ms. Betty that Coach Tanahashi is just nice that he doesn’t get serious on marrying her.

But Betty told these two girls that they don’t know about Tanahashi very much, so she and Tina challenged them to a race to see who’s right.

Unfortunately for both Yuri and Megumi, racing against a professional sidecar team, let alone an Isle of Man TT champion, is a bad idea as they got trounced by the Birchall sisters…

…whose speed, technicality, and vast experience in sidecar racing is very unmatched over the local team.

Home field advantage is useless when Tina and Betty can find ways to overtake both Yuri Miyata and Megumi Meguro, thus the Birchall sisters beat the Miyake Girls’ High School’s sidecar team.

And because of their loss, it seems that both Yuri and Megumi are having doubts on why they’re racing in the first place. Sure that they race to get Coach Tanahashi’s affection, but it’s useless now since he’ll be married soon.

So, Coach Tanahashi asked them if they’re doing okay or they’re having doubts on themselves?

Of course, both Miyata and Meguro told their coach that they’re doing fine as they prepare to get a higher position for the main race.

Honestly, I feel that their mind is not focused on the race itself as they’re pretty much having doubts on themselves. You know that both Yuri and Megumi not putting their a-game on the Miyakejima TT would get them in trouble.

And you know what, I was right when their sidecar got caught in an oil spill covered with lime. And since they’re not careful, they lost control and spun around the track.

Oh, and to make matters worse, Megumi Meguro lost her grip and she’s about to hit the barriers. Yeah, this ain’t good as Yuri Miyata might lost her partner on this accident!

With that said, tune in next time for the final episode and things might not end well for both girls. Seriously, it’s gonna be a trainwreck!

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    Dropped this way back, but I was curious how they’d resolve the love triangle…

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