Animegataris Episode #12

“Was the previous episode is all just a dream?”

Hey everyone, it’s the final episode of Animegataris where I told you that the previous episode is all just a dream. See, even Minoa Asagaya thinks that everything is back to normal… or so it seems.

Anyways, let’s start this final episode with Minoa Asagaya being asked by her friends on what anime show she’s watching right now.

Heck, even Yui Obata has joined the party when it comes to the latest anime shows airing in Fall 2017, all while looking forward for new shows airing next year. Come to think of it, Yui Obata is just a normal student who’s at the athletics club and she’s just a casual when it comes to anime. Hmm, I feel that there’s something wrong on this episode!

So, Minoa went home to see her family if they’re acting fine. Unfortunately, what she saw was Maya and her parents are talking about anime without her.

Once more, Minoa felt distant towards her family as if she suspects that she didn’t exist to begin with. So, Minoa decides to check on her room.

And when she checks her room, it was replaced by a guest room. So yeah, Minoa Asagaya didn’t exist in this world and she got freaked out by this revelation.

Therefore, Minoa got out from her house before something bad will happen to her. Still, it’s a shocker that the world she lived in is not what it used to be.

That’s until Neko-sensei told Minoa that the real world is starting to crumble as it’s merging with the anime world.

Well, you may remember how Minoa opened the forbidden door in the previous episode.

Meanwhile, it seems that the last boss that was appeared on the previous episode went up in smoke. Yeah, seems that the guy who picked up the beret on the first episode wasn’t even as threatening as I would have though.

Also, the random guy got obliterated by someone familiar…

That’s right, it’s Kouki “Aurora” Nakano as he becomes the new director by picking up the beret.

Now that he picked up the elusive beret, Nakano’s first job as director was to change his name that’s not embarrassing as Aurora. Then again, Kouki Nakano becoming the director would do more harm than good!

Therefore, it’s up to Minoa Asagaya to stop him and restore the world before it turns into a blank state.

Luckily for her, Minoa got some allies in the form of her favorite anime show Ultra Katharsis Koritsi: Eternal Symphony, starting with the magical girl in which she lead Minoa back to Sakaneko Academy.

Also, the magical girl brought the robot too because c’mon, they’re awesome to pilot one of these machines!

Unfortunately for Minoa Asagaya, it’s too hard to control the robot so a veteran pilot helped her on controlling the robot…

…and performing a drill attack towards the barrier that blocked the academy. How awesome is that?

After piloting the giant robot from Eternal Symphony, Minoa Asagaya will have to go to Sakaneko Academy on foot as I have to say that her school is looking like a void now thanks to Kouki Nakano’s meddling.

And speaking of Kouki Nakano, looks like he couldn’t do anything when wearing the beret, as Aurora destroyed most of the world because of his selfish desire to change his awful name.

Y’know, Kouki shouldn’t wear the director’s beret since he’s an anime character to begin with and Aurora couldn’t become a director at all.

So, Aurora gave the beret to Minoa-chan who he called her as Mikene. Seriously, who would call Minoa Asagaya by that stupid name!?

Then again, it turns out that the destruction of the real world is so severe that it’s been reduced to the planning stages. Hence, Kouki Nakano calling Minoa Asagaya by her initial name Mikene.

On the other hand, Minoa went to see her club mates but Arisu Kamiigusa and the rest are acting strangely as if they want Minoa to join them and stay in the anime research club forever.

However, Minoa-chan doesn’t want to join them as she wanted Arisu-chan and the others to return to normal. After all, she was thankful for them that Minoa learned to appreciate anime even more!

Of course, another reason why she want them to return to their normal selves is because Minoa doesn’t want them getting stuck in a shitty anime forever. Yeah, I’ll take that reason.

But thanks to Minoa, her friends are starting to get a hold of themselves, especially Arisu Kamiigusa where she’s starting to shed tears upon hearing Minoa’s speech on why she deeply cared for her and the rest of the anime club.

Still, she’ll have to rescue them later as Minoa Asagaya must go to the club room and open the forbidden door.

Unfortunately for Minoa-chan, she found out that door has been blocked off by a brick wall.

While she can pull off a hammer from out of nowhere to destroy it since she’s technically inside the anime world, Minoa couldn’t do such a thing.

Also, she fell down as the club room disappears. Man, I can’t bear to look at Minoa Asagaya falling off to the abyss!

That’s until Arisu Kamiigusa and the rest of the anime research club have arrived to rescue Minoa-chan. I’m glad that her speech has regained their senses.

Also, Arisu-chan brought something that would help Minoa on saving the world from becoming a blank state.

That’s right, it’s Robo-Arisu from the short anime that they made back in Episode 8. Of course, does this robot needed lots of money to operate it?

Not to worry though as Minoa and her friends will fuel it with passion. There’s no need for Arisu to spend her money on fueling the giant robot.

In any case, they ride on top of Robo-Arisu as it unleashed its signature weapon!

Or rather, the most common trope as seen with mecha anime. But anyways, it’s time for Robo-Arisu to perform the rocket punch because that’s the most awesome thing to see!

Oh yeah, and it works too as Robo-Arisu’s rocket punch attack has destroyed the brick wall that blocked off the door.

Well, I have to say that Robo-Arisu’s rocket punch is amazing, all thanks to Minoa and her friends on making it into a reality!

Now that the door is finally opened, it’s time for Kouki Nakano and Neko-sensei to return to the anime world.

I mean, they can’t remain in the real world forever, especially Aurora who deeply repented for his misdeeds against Minoa Asagaya and her friends.

Of course, everyone is sad to see Aurora go, especially Minoa who is thankful for Kouki on becoming fascinated with anime. I mean, she was saved by Nakano-sempai in some occasions.

So yeah, Minoa will miss Aurora. Then again, Nakano wanted Asagaya to change his embarrassing name into a cool one, but Minoa didn’t have enough time to come up with something that’s not Aurora. I feel bad for Kouki-kun!

With that said, both Kouki Nakano and Neko-sensei have returned to the anime world as the door closes for one final time.

Afterwards, the real world is starting to return to normal. But hey, Minoa and her friends have save the world from destruction thanks to the power of anime!

And now, time for the epilogue as Minoa Asagaya eats her breakfast together with her big sister Maya. Yeah, seems that everything is back to normal!

And here’s Minoa-chan as she discusses about anime with Yui Obata. Of course, she’s not into anime as much but there’s one person who’s very interested…

That’s right, it’s Arisu Kamiigusa and she wants to asked Minoa Asagaya about everything related to anime.

Oh yeah, this is technically Minoa’s first time talking with Arisu so they didn’t remember the time spent together in previous episodes.

Also, here’s the student council but instead of warning them that they shouldn’t talk about anime, Tsubaki Akabane recommends both Minoa and Arisu on joining the anime club.

Well, that was a big change coming from the student council. Before then, they hated the existence of the anime research club, but now they allowed it.

And here’s the anime research club where it has some noticeable changes like Erika Aoyama’s hair color and the addition of the girl with cat ears. Otherwise, it remains the same atmosphere.

By the way, it appears that they’ll create a short anime in time for the school festival, where it’ll revolve around a guy who’s an anime idol fan as Kai Musashisakai is doing the character design. Hmm, that does sound like Kouki Nakano, right?

Anyways, I’m glad that it’s back to normal just what I wanted!

One last thing, seems that Miko Kouenji wants both Arisu and Minoa to show something in another room. Wait, don’t tell me that they’re going to the anime world again?

Oh, it’s full of anime goodies that both Arisu and Minoa are excited to see. Well, I’d say that the anime research club have used the other room very well to hide their secret stash of figures and other anime memorabilia!

And that’s about it for Animegataris as everything lived happily ever after. Of course, there are some mysteries left unsolved like how come Kouki Nakano existed way before the current anime club was formed, and who created him in the first place. Sure that some people would point to the random guy from Episode 1 as Aurora’s creator, but I don’t think that he’s the one who created Kouki Nakano. Also, it appears that there’s no answer regarding Tsubaki Akabane’s sudden hatred of anime even though Erika Aoyama became friends with her.

But you know what, who needs to solve these mysteries as Animegataris wants you to get entertained with all the shout-outs to anime shows and tropes and make fun out of it. Well, except for Episodes 9 and 11 because I couldn’t stand Kouki Nakano’s betrayal, not even the student council’s pestering of shutting the anime research club down because it’s becoming annoying that the anime club is aware of it.

In any case, it’s an entertaining show to watch, but don’t go deeper into watching Animegataris because that’ll make your brain hurt. With that said, it’s time to say good bye to Minoa Asagaya and the rest of the anime research club!

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