Slow Start Episode #01

Here’s another anime adaptation of a Manga Time Kirara title, this time it revolves around Hana Ichinose who’s very anxious on her first day of high school.

Why she’s anxious? Well, Hana-chan feared that she might not get any friends in high school.

As you can see, most of her peers are already friends like these three girls over there. You got Kamuri Sengoku, Eiko Tokura, and Tamate Momochi who are now buddies on their first day of school.

Yeah, it seems that Hana Ichinose got left out of the loop, which is sad to see her being left alone.

That’s until the whole class realized that their first day of school happened to be Ichinose’s birthday, except that most of them didn’t prepare a present or even say “Happy Birthday!” to her.

Fortunately, Hana-chan got some gifts from Kamuri, Eiko, and Tama-chan.

While Hana-chan received some lucky charms that was bought from a train station, it’s the though that counts.

Oh yeah, if you’re wondering how old Hana Ichinose is? Turns out that she’s actually 17 years old. Yeah, she’s older than her fellow high school students.

But despite her slow start, Hana Ichinose would do whatever she can to enjoy her three years in high school.

In any case, I’ll see you on the next episode as I’m looking forward for this series! I mean, it’s cute and all like any other Manga Time Kirara title.

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