Owarimonogatari Episodes #17 – #19

This is Izuko Gaen, acting as the pitcher and a master planner on bringing down Ougi Oshino.

And here’s Mayoi Hachikuji, taking her role as the catcher and basically a wandering ghost at the Shirohebi Park.

Also joining them are Yotsugi Ononoki and Kiss-shot Acerola-orion Heart-under-blade, the latter is known as Shinobu Oshino where she regained her complete form. Oh yeah, she’s hugging Yotsugi very tightly!

And finally, here’s Koyomi Araragi who is no longer a vampire but rather an ordinary human being. Of course, Koyomi is still linked to Shinobu-san.

In any case, everyone is gathered here at the Shirohebi Park as Izuko Gaen is planning to beat Ougi Oshino no matter what. But first, time for another back-story…

Now, you may already know that Shinobu-san came to Japan many years ago. However, there’s more to her arrival as Kiss-shot Acerola-orion Heart-under-blade landed at a sacred lake where people worship there. Her landing was so strong that the whole body of water was dispersed and turn into rain at the surrounding area, stopping a drought that was happening around that time.

Because of this, Kiss-shot became a deity while the worshipers at the lake relocate themselves to a certain mountain, where they merge with a local religion and build what is now called North Shirahebi Shrine, although we all know that it was destroyed. As for the lake, it was soon turned into what’s known currently as Shirohebi Park.

Anyways, what Izuko Gaen plans to do is to turn Mayoi Hachikuji into a new goddess at the North Shirahebi Park. The reason why Izuko-san wants to turn Mayoi-chan into a deity due to her affiliation with snails, which is the bane towards snakes if you know about the Tale of Jiraiya. Of course, Koyomi Araragi will have to make a decision right now as if he couldn’t make up his mind within the allotted time, Mayoi-chan will either go back to hell or turn into a shadow at worst.

With that said, Koyomi must decide on Mayoi’s fate quickly, all while defeating Ougi Oshino using a replica of the apparition killer sword Kokoro-Watari, made from the armor wore by Kiss-shot’s first servant. The reason why Izuko-san wanted to kill Ougi Oshino as she revealed that Ougi is actually an apparition which symbolizes darkness. Basically, Ougi’s presence as Meme’s niece was a big fat lie and a dangerous foe to boot!

Meanwhile, here’s Nadeko Sengoku as she’s drawing manga because that’s her dream, even though it’ll be hard for everyone to accept it.

But hey, at least Nadeko-chan is doing what she loves instead of being a snake god at a certain shrine. You may thank Deishuu Kaiki for that!

Also joining Nadeko is Tsukihi who is helping her friend on inking the panels. While she’s happy that Nadeko got a bright future as a mangaka, Tsukihi is content on the present as she doesn’t have any plans for her own future.

Then again, being a phoenix for Tsukihi is very tough on her life, although she doesn’t remember much right now.

On the other hand, Tsukihi got in contact with Ougi Oshino as they went to a detour somewhere instead of Ougi bringing Tsukihi home.

You know, riding a bicycle in tandem is illegal but Tsukihi trusting Ougi is not a good idea. I mean, Izuko told Koyomi earlier that she’s a dangerous apparition.

Anyways, both Ougi and Tsukihi went to a place where Meme used to hang out. It’s the abandoned cram school! Oh boy, I wonder what Ougi is gonna do towards Tsukihi?

Then again, Ougi told Tsukihi-chan to go home as she’s not gonna do something bad towards Koyomi’s little sister. In fact, Ougi Oshino is here to meet someone else…

Someone like Koyomi Araragi as she tried to convince him to join her side, but Koyomi refused to do so as he decides to stop Ougi with his own hands as it turns out that Ougi Oshino is actually Koyomi Araragi’s shadow or rather the manifestation of his negative emotions and as a way to criticize himself.

Of course, Ougi Oshino didn’t just appear out of nowhere as her presence was built up throughout the story, eventually appearing in the first episode of Owarimonogatari. Well, Ougi appeared before in Otorimonogatari, but the first episode of Owarimonogatari marks her canonical appearance.

But now that Ougi’s true form has been exposed, seems that her time on this world is over as a black hole suddenly appear behind her back.

Yeah, it’s gonna suck everything it touches if that black hole is still there.

In any case, Ougi Oshino has admitted her defeat as she pointed out to Koyomi that he’s right all along. Of course, her disappearance would mark the end of Araragi’s adolescence.

However, it appears that Koyomi doesn’t want Ougi-chan to disappear into the void as he stopped her from going into the black hole.

Oh, and he lost his right arm in the process too upon rescuing Ougi Oshino. Sure that it was a foolish thing to do for Koyomi Araragi as he’s no longer have vampiric powers to heal himself.

In any case, looks like he wants Ougi Oshino to stay despite Izuko Gaen’s persistence to eliminate her at the hands of Koyomi Araragi. But you know what, it appears that both of them might sucked into the void at this point.

Suddenly, a certain exorcist has arrived as Meme Oshino is back from his trip in America, telling Koyomi Araragi on not to make any sexual advances towards his niece.

Wait, did Meme-san actually acknowledged Ougi as his relative?

Also, here’s Tsubasa Hanekawa as she returned to Japan just to bring Meme back.

Yeah, it was a long journey to find the exorcist and Tsubasa succeeded. In fact, she borrowed a fighter jet to carry Meme Oshino to Japan.

In any case, looks like Ougi Oshino has transformed from being Koyomi’s shadow into Meme’s official niece as the black hole disappears. Well, seems that Izuko Gaen will need some explanation from Meme Oshino afterwards.

As for Koyomi Araragi, he’ll be fine once Shinobu Oshino put his right arm back together. But after she healed his wounds, Shinobu will revert to her child form and hide into a secluded area. Unfortunately for Shinobu-chan, she won’t get any doughnuts from Mister Donut now that she’s living in the mountains somewhere.

And now, it’s time for the epilogue as Karen Araragi will start her 3 years of high school. Not sure if Karen will enroll to Koyomi’s alma mater Naoetsu High.

Also, Mayoi Hachikuji has become the new goddess of the now-rebuilt North Shirahebi Shrine instead of turning into darkness.

That’s good for Mayoi-chan since she won’t get lost in hell anymore. Then again, Koyomi Araragi will grope Mayoi-chan when he visit the shrine, but that’ll cost him a lot if he wants to get blessed!

And now, let’s end this post with Hitagi Senjougahara and Tsubasa Hanekawa congratulating Koyomi Araragi on graduating high school.

Yeah, it really is the end of Araragi’s adolescence as he’ll become an adult soon! Of course, Koyomi needs to finish college.

Well, I have to say that it was a nice ending to Owarimonogatari. Nobody died and everyone went happily ever after!

Now then, I have to say that Owarimonogatari starts and ends with Ougi Oshino and the reveal that she’s the darkness to Koyomi Araragi, which links to all events throughout the story, is totally unexpected that it’s starting to make sense of it all. Also, Izuko Gaen’s plan was very well thought out, although the part where Ougi Oshino needs to be killed by the Kokoro-Watari was not used at all because Koyomi managed to save her. Lastly, while Owarimonogatari is basically the grand finale of the Monogatari Series, I wish both Deishuu Kaiki and Yozuru Kagenui would return for one last time, but I guess that they’re both busy.

Overall, it’s a fantastic conclusion to the Monogatari Series and it’s sad that it’s the end of an era for Koyomi Araragi and his harem friends! Just kidding, there’s still more to come as there would be a sequel to Owarimonogatari named Zoku Owarimonogatari. In any case, I can’t wait to see that in the future!

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