Slow Start Episode #02

Well, seems that Hana Ichinose has a horrible backstory in which she was supposed to take the entrance exam before graduation, but Hana got mumps before it happened. Yeah, it’s sucks that she got some puffy cheeks on the eve of the entrance exam.

Thus, Hana-chan missed a year and she felt saddened about it. That’s why the title of this anime “Slow Start” makes sense, but I’m hoping that Hana can catch up because she’s gonna reach the legal age of 18.

By the way, this is Hana’s cousin Shion Kyouzuka who’s also the landlady of the apartment that she’s currently staying.

As you can see, Shion-san is taking care of Hana-chan like cooking some meals for her. I’m glad that Hana Ichinose has a cousin that’s very caring towards her.

Anyways, Hana-chan is doing fine at the moment as she’s eating lunch with her friends. Isn’t it nice, especially when Tamate Momochi cooks her own food?

No seriously, Tama-chan is a good chef who makes delicious meals surprisingly enough!

On the other hand, here’s Kamuri Sengoku as she has quite a hefty lunch box, but she can’t eat all of it as Kamuri eats slowly.

Yeah, she wants to enjoy her meal instead of chowing it down as Kamuri might choke herself, which is bad if she doesn’t have a drink nor someone else to save her. But anyways, Kamuri will be fine as she got friends to rescue her.

One last thing, seems that Hana-chan is bad at athletics that she couldn’t run faster nor has the stamina to finish one lap.

But don’t worry though as Hana Ichinose has friends to support her in order to keep it going. Glad that Hana-chan is lucky to have friends at her side, but she’s anxious about her age compared to the rest of her peers.

In any case, I’ll see you next time and let’s hope that the good time will role for Hana Ichinose!

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