DEVILMAN crybaby Episode #01

Hello everyone, as I introduce you the modern anime adaptation of Go Nagai’s classic manga Devilman. This is not for the fainthearted as it contains scenes that might disturb or scar you for life!

By the way, DEVILMAN crybaby was originally premiered on January 5 with all 10 episodes via Netflix. Of course, I’m not gonna blog all episodes into a single post, so I’m gonna blog this series one episode at a time.

Anyways, this series tells the tale of both Akira Fuudo and Ryo Asuka as they’re reunited after years of separation.

Of course, Ryo is not here for some sentimental reunion as he wants to tell Akira that humanity is being threatened by devils who possessed human since the beginning of time. Although its existence is not known in the public eye, Ryo wants to prove that devils existed.

Thus, they went to an underground party known as the Sabbath. And I must say that going inside there will turn weak-willed boys into men and girls lose their virginity on a single night.

Basically, it’s an orgy party where everyone drink party drugs and have sex all night long. And yes, it has uncensored tits!

Of course, Akira Fuudo couldn’t grasp this current situation as you have boys and girls making out. But wait, what about Ryo Asuka?

Well, he grabbed a smashed bottle of wine and started killing party-goers like crazy, believing that they’re possessed by devils and they’re attracted by blood.

Um Ryo, you’re committing a serious crime there and no one’s gonna believe you in regards to the existence of devils.

However, it did work as you have party-goers turning into devils in the most horrific way possible.

And as for the rest? They’re turned into livestock for those devils to consume them whole. Well, that’s what Ryo Asuka wanted!

Unfortunately for Ryo Asuka, his actions has turned against him that a devil pinned Ryo down. Akira Fuudo tried to save him but to no avail!

However, Akira was transformed into the titular Devilman as Amon got the right opportunity to possess Fuudo. And damn, what a transformation that was!

As for Ryo Asuka, he realized that this unexpected turn of events has made Akira Fuudo into the cruelest devil in existence. Well, it’s Ryo’s fault for turning his friend into a monster by possessing Amon.

In any case, I’m looking forward on the next episode and I’m hoping that things won’t go for the worst.

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