Slow Start Episode #03

This is Shion Kyouzuka who not only has the biggest breasts, but she’s very athletic as Shion jogs everyday!

Oh, and she brought Hana Ichinose for some jogging. Unfortunately, Hana-chan is struggling to keep up with Shion’s pace.

Anyways, Golden Week has come in Slow Start and this is one of those weeks where you can take a rest and have fun. Well, except for Hana Ichinose in which she needs to get in shape!

Let’s start things off with Eiko Tokura as she’s flirting with another girl. Hmm, makes me wonder if Eiko is planning to build her own harem in the future?

Meanwhile, here’s Kamuri Sengoku as she’s starting her day with a big breakfast.

By the way, it appears that Kamuri is a rich girl, which is why she has a hefty lunch box in the previous episode.

Lastly, here’s Tamate Momochi as she went to a doujinshi event and bought some goodies…

Well, Tama-chan bought a lot of goodies that it’s too heavy to carry all of it home. Would it be better if she stuff it into a travel suitcase?

Anyways, let’s move onto the next scene as Hana’s parents are here to see their daughter again.

However, seems that Shion-san is eager to see them instead. Um Shion, I think Hana-chan should greet her parents first.

Still, Hana’s parents are happy that their daughter is going to school after being held up a year due to mumps.

Unfortunately for them, they couldn’t meet Hana’s new friends…

…as they visited her apartment on the last day of Golden Week. Oh, and they have a surprise for Hana-chan!

Well, let’s just say that Eiko brought a present for both Hana-chan and Tama-chan as she and Kamuri are celebrating their birthdays.

Of course, Hana’s birthday has already passed but they want to make up for it by giving her a proper birthday gift! As for Tama-chan, her birthday will come much later but Eiko wants to celebrate it early.

And with Kamuri bringing a birthday cake, seems that they’re celebrating at Hana’s apartment… even though it was supposed to be a study session.

Oh well, let those girls have fun on their last day of Golden Week!

One last thing, seems that someone left a present after the girls have gone home. What could it be if you may ask?

Well it turns out that it was a gift from Hana’s parents when they gave her a cherry blossom globe. Isn’t it nice?

But that’s about it for this episode of Slow Start. Let’s hope that Hana will spend her 3 years of high school getting some fond memories with her friends!

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