DEVILMAN crybaby Episode #03

This is Kouji Nagasaki as he got a big scoop regarding Akira Fuudo and his secret alter-ego known as Devilman.

Now the only thing that he needs to do is to give it to his boss and publish it. Afterwards, Nagasaki will proceed to take naked pictures of Miki Makimura. Although, I don’t think they’ll publish that scoop right now!

Meanwhile, both Ryo Asuka and Akira Fuudo went to Kouji Nagasaki’s house where they must get all the evidence and erase it from his computer.

And as you can see, Ryo can easily hacked Kouji’s PC and get his sensitive stuff. Oh and if he or his mother tries to open this computer, Ryo Asuka rigged a bomb that’ll explode upon logging-in to the computer.

So yeah, Ryo Asuka got it covered in order to protect Akira Fuudo and his alter-ego.

Meanwhile, here’s Miki Makimura as she is currently staying at someone’s studio…

Specifically, Kouji Nagasaki’s studio as he’s basically doing nude photos at this point where Kouji turned on the transparent wall and have someone took photos of Miki’s naked body.

Seriously, that’s a violation of privacy and they’re committing a crime for promoting child pornography!

Speaking of Kouji Nagasaki, looks like he’s acting weird as some blob thing is coming out from his mouth. Don’t tell me that he’s possessed by a devil?

Well, he does and now this devil is about to possess Miki Makimura for some devious plot, which involves tricking Akira Fuudo and get him to the dark side.

And speaking of the devil himself, Akira Fuudo has arrived at Kouji Nagasaki’s studio…

…where he was greeted by Miki Makimura in the nude. Of course, she’ll get embarrassed and slap Akira for being a pervert.

Oh, and Miki hugs Akira on the spot, not knowing that there’s a devil trying to kill him from behind!

Luckily for Akira Fuudo, there’s Ryo Asuka backing him up as he shoots the devil with his trusty anti-material rifle.

Seriously, how the hell did Ryo get those firearms and hide it from the authorities?

But no matter, seems that Miki- or should I say Gelmer got his cover blown as he used Miki’s body to run away.

Unfortunately for the devil possessing Miki Makimura, Akira Fuudo is quicker than his feet as he put Gelmer into the corner.

Oh, and Akira is gonna suck the life out of Gelmer as he pulled the devil out of Miki’s body…

…and burn the devil inside Akira’s body until Gelmer couldn’t take the heat anymore. Well, that devil should think twice when possessing the Devilman.

And speaking of the Devilman, he proceeds to split Gelmer in half ’cause it’s awesome. But more importantly, Akira Fuudo told the devil that he shouldn’t mess with him or hurt his friends!

In any case, this devil is history as the Devilman stands triumphant and rescued Miki Makimura from either becoming a sex slave or worse.

Meanwhile, Ryo Asuka shoot Kouji Nagasaki in the head for knowing too much about his friend and his alter-ego Devilman.

Well, at least Miki Makimura won’t be bothered by a sleazy photographer anymore.

On the other hand, Ryo Asuka wants to kill Miki Makimura simply because she’s possessed by a devil and she might know about Akira Fuudo’s secret.

Of course, Akira don’t want Miki getting murdered by Ryo, so he told his best friend to get his hands off towards Makimura.

Then again, Ryo Asuka refused to do so and I have a feeling that both he and Akira Fuudo might become enemies in the future.

Anyways, I’ll see you next time and seriously, I can feel the growing tension between Ryo and Akira!

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  1. rossiroad says:

    The last episode I saw of devil man crybaby was this one and it’s great. I don’t think the writings brilliant but the show has such an entertaining viewing experience for me just from animation and visuals alone along with a great sound track I can’t stop listening too!

    I can imagine this being difficult to review though because theirs not a whole lot outside of those visuals in my opinion.

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