Record of Grancrest War Episode #04

Well, seems that after Siluca Meletes went to see both Margrave Marrine Kreische and Mage Leader Aubeste Meletes, what she received was a big fat “No!” in which Margrave Marrine saw Lord Theo Cornaro as a threat. Really Margrave Marrine, what a bad decision you made there.

So with the negotiations failed, Siluca Meletes tried to ask for assistance from the Earl of Altirk, Unfortunately, that also failed in which Aishela is very pissed. Looks like Lord Theo and his allies are put into a corner.

Anyways, Margrave Marrine Kreische sends her Valdrind Knights to aid the Exiled King of Sievis and take Theo Cornaro’s head as they’re firing arbalest at the fort.

However, the Valdrind Knights must face Aishela first as she’s slaying them left and right. Well, at least Lord Theo has some capable allies to defend his fort!

Unfortunately, Aishela got hit by an arbalest bolt on her right shoulder and she’s gonna die soon.

Luckily, Priscilla Farnese is here to heal Aishela’s wounds. It’s sucks that Aishela is out of commission but at least Priscilla will let her live to fight for another day.

Meanwhile, here’s Lassic David as he and his men makes their retreat…

…against the Exiled King of Sievis as he returned to enact vengeance against his loss from last week’s episode.

Yeah, he cannot forgive that humiliating defeat so he asked Margrave Marrine Kreische and Mage Leader Aubeste Meletes for help.

However, it appears that Lassic David has decided to cancel his retreat plans as he takes the King of Sievis on a one-on-one duel.

Not only that, but fighting at a narrow path is perfect for Lord Lassic as he doesn’t need to defend himself from other cannon fodder soldiers when fighting on a wide area.

As for the King of Sievis, looks like he’s ready to fight against Lassic David as he get another sword because wielding both sword is cool!

Then again, wielding both swords doesn’t make you a badass as the King of Sievis is being pushed back by Lassic David.

Well, Lassic has phenomenal swordsmanship that he can defeat a warrior in a minute or half of it!

Eventually, the duel between the King of Sievis and Lassic David has ended in a cinematic finish, but who came on top though?

Well, let’s just say that the King of Sievis has met its end as he was fatally wounded by Lassic David…

…until he fell down into the ground. Well, I have to say that fighting Lassic with two swords is a bad idea.

But hey, it’s nice that A-1 Pictures is making this scene awesome by putting some cinematic touches.

In any case, the King of Sievis has been slain as Lassic David raised his sword to signify his victory.

So while the battle has ended in Lord Theo Cornaro’s favor, another one will be coming to destroy him.

That’s because Margrave Marrine Kreische and Aubeste Meletes have arrived to take Lord Theo’s head personally as they brought the whole Valdrind Knights.

However, seems that the Valdrind Knights are being attacked. I wonder if this group of soldiers are here to invade Lord Theo Cornaro’s stronghold while taking out the Margrave of Valdrind?

Turns out that the Earl of Altirk named Villar Constance has arrived to aid Siluca Meletes, making him and his men as reinforcements to Theo Cornaro. Oh yeah, Siluca was supposed to form a contract with Earl Villar Constance before she became Theo Cornaro’s mage.

But anyways, Lord Theo Cornaro and his allies have managed to hold their fort against Margrave Marrine Kreische and Aubeste Meletes as they made their retreat. While they’re defeated for now, Marrine Kreische will come back to hunt down Theo Cornaro on the battlefield.

Of course, there are still some conditions to be met as Villar Constance wanted to take Siluca Meletes since she was originally contracted to him, in exchange for a strategic partnership with the Earl of Altirk.

However, Theo Cornaro wants to keep Siluca Meletes at his side so he decides to serve under Villar Constance as a knight. Yeah, kind of a downgrade there.

And because of Theo Cornaro serving under Villar Constance, he’ll give the entire Sievis region to Lassic David. Well, I hope Lord Lassic will lead the Sievis region to prosperity.

But yes, looks like Theo Cornaro has become a wandering lord under Villar Constance, but I wonder what the Earl of Altirk is planning towards Theo and Siluca? Anyways, we’ll find that out on the next episode!

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  1. Karandi says:

    It definitely seems like a step backward for Theo, but it was kind of needed given how easy everything had been up until that point.

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