Slow Start Episode #04

Here’s Shion Kyouzuka again as she asked Hana Ichinose to do some errands, like bringing a package to a neighbor downstairs.

Well, sounds like an easy thing to do for Hana-chan!

In any case, Hana Ichinose is here to deliver a package from one of her neighbors named Taikai Hannen.

Well actually, her name is Hiroe Hannen and she’s very shy towards Hana-chan because this is Hiroe’s first time that someone, other than the landlady, visits her apartment.

Of course, Hiroe Hannen needs to get familiarized with her neighbors so Shion Kyouzuka properly introduced to her niece Hana Ichinose. C’mon, it’s better than having a misunderstanding!

Anyways, Hiroe Hannen stayed at the apartment because she’s currently studying for the upcoming college entrance exams.

Except that the truth is actually very harsh by the way, as Hiroe revealed that she actually missed the entrance exams and held back in a year because of a severe cold. On top of that, Hannen didn’t bounce back and retake the exam this year because her high school friends expects her to go to college together, but it’ll make it look awkward when she’s a year behind.

So yeah, Hiroe Hannen had a rough time being held back a year and Hana Ichinose understands her a lot. I mean, she was held back too because of mumps but Hana-chan is doing better now. Of course, Hiroe-san needs to get back on her feet is to go outside, but she has nothing to wear other than her track suit.

So, Hana-chan called her friends to give Hiroe-san something to wear when going outdoors.

On the other hand, Tama-chan’s kimono looked like she’s going for a summer festival even though it’s spring. Oh well, at least they brought some clothes for Hannen!

And after some minor tweaks here and there, Eiko Tokura will present Hiroe’s new look in front of everyone…

As you can see, she’s damn gorgeous as if Hiroe-san is a different person altogether!

Then again, she’s just too shy to wear this while going outside, like going to a convenience store or other public places. I think Eiko should give Hiroe-san something to wear normally next time.

But hey, seems that Hannen’s experience with Hana-chan and her friends has changed her life around and starting to get back on her feet. Of course, it’ll take more time before Hiroe Hannen tries to take another shot at the college entrance exams.

Anyways, I’ll see you next time and good luck to Hiroe Hannen!

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