Death March to The Parallel World Rhapsody Episode #04

Here’s Satou and his band of demi-humans as they navigate into this vast underground dungeon created by Urs. Of course, they need to find items that are necessary to defeat the eyeball demon and get out of the dungeon.

But yeah, Satou and his demi-human friends are gonna play a rouge-like dungeon crawling RPG on a massive scale as they loot everything from monster drops to items hidden in chests and drawers.

Oh yeah, let’s not forget about Satou becoming a demi-human trainer as he commands the likes of Liza, Pochi, and Tama to level up their skill in order not to get dragged down by him.

Then again, seems that Liza is capable of fighting on her own as she knows the slime’s weakness, so I think Pochi and Tama will play catch up down the line.

Meanwhile, Satou and his party have encountered an undead beast who is a threat to both him and the demi-humans, mostly the latter as Liza and the rest are under-leveled.

Not wanting to hurt the demi-humans, Satou throws the undead beast away from them…

…and into the thin wall where it’s basically a trap there as the beast went straight down. Wow, I feel that Satou might earn another skill after this.

Now that the undead beast has been taken care of, Satou and the demi-humans went to the spider’s den where he learned that there are people who are trapped there.

Not wasting time, he and his party went ahead and free the people from the cocoon.

By the way, Satou saved some important people except for Zena Marientail, which she’ll appear much later on this episode.

Anyways, this is Jin Belton who is a magician and a prominent noble from the Belton family.

And this is a slave trader named Nidoren. These two people will be important on this episode, but I feel that the latter will be more important because Nidoren is responsible for selling Liza, Pochi, and Tama to everyone who has money.

And by the way, slavery is bad that it’s been shunned upon in modern times. Of course, Satou is living in the fantasy world so slavery is the norm there.

Now then, it’s time to rescue the rest of the citizens as this scene is full of chaos, with soldiers fighting against an army of slimes in which they’re almost indestructible.

Fortunately, Satou and his party went there and rescue the civilians and soldiers from certain death.

And speaking of Satou, he managed to rescue Zena Marientail by throwing a knife onto the slime’s core. You may thank Liza for giving him tips on how to deal with slimes.

Anyways, here’s the eyeball demon Urs as he showed himself in front of the soldiers. And what he’ll do to them will be very nasty if you know about role-playing game mechanics.

As you can see, Urs casts confusion towards the soldiers and even demi-humans.

And while Satou knocked Liza and the rest out before they hurt everybody, the soldier felt helpless as they fight against themselves.

On the other hand, looks like Satou encountered the undead beast again as he’s about to get pounced.

However, Satou chose not to dodge as he takes the undead beast’s tackle, being pushed towards the thin wall…

…and into the abyss as Satou is helpless when he’s tackled by an undead beast. Let’s hope that he could get out of this mess!

Fortunately for him, Satou found a ground to land himself safely and pulled the holy sword to defeat the undead beast.

By the way, I don’t know why Satou got the holy sword but it’s handy against the forces of evil. However, the holy sword cannot be used to its full potential unless Satou becomes the legendary hero.

Meanwhile, things took a turn for the worse as Urs managed to summon his boss, a Level 62 demon lord.

Then again, this demon lord might not be the final boss at all as there’s plenty of them.

But his presence alone has left everyone in a state of shock and disbelief that Zena couldn’t do anything to stop the demon lord.

Also, seems that he has eaten Urs because he felt hungry after being summoned by the eyeball demon.

At this point, the demon lord is ready to destroy everyone in this labyrinth.

Not until a mysterious person arrived to challenge the demon lord. By the way, this mysterious person is actually Satou and as you can see, he’s still holding the holy sword.

However, Satou traded his holy sword for a magic staff as he casts a high-level spell against the demon lord.

In any case, Satou casts Crimson Javelin which is a powerful version of the basic Fire Shot. As you can see, the demon lord is engulfed in flames!

Heck, even Jin Belton is surprised that Satou can cast a high-level spell where it takes years to perfect that kind of magic.

By the way, Jin Belton will be an important character in future episodes. Trust me!

Anyways, time for Satou to end this demon lord’s life as he pulled another sword from his hyperspace storage. C’mon, Satou can carry more than an average guy.

With that said, Satou made one quick swing from his katana against the demon lord, thus ending the battle in which Satou liberated everyone from being trapped in the labyrinth forever.

After the battle, Zena Marientail felt relieved that Satou is safe. Little does she know is that he killed the demon lord, which Satou earned the title of “Hero” as a result.

That means, Satou can use the holy sword without any side-effects.

Oh yeah, here’s Nidoren again as he asked Satou if he wants to keep Liza, Pochi, and Tama as his slaves?

Fortunately for the demi-humans, Satou wants to keep them because they’re helpful.

That means, the likes of Liza, Pochi, and Tama will officially join Satou’s party. Well, it’s better than selling them off to some malevolent bastard!

Oh, and Nidoren told Satou that there’s two more slaves to sell if he wishes to buy them. Yeah it’s wrong, but Satou is a nice guy so he’ll save any girl and add it to his harem party.

Anyways, this is Lulu who is a shy girl at first. Don’t know if she’s a demi-human like the rest of the slaves.

And this is Arisa who knows about Satou very much. In fact, she’s looking forward to see him again, but I think that it’s their first time they formally introduce each other.

Now then, looks like I have to leave this week’s episode right here as I’ll see you next time.

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