Slow Start Episode #05

This is Kamuri Sengoku as she met Eiko Tokura since middle school and she wanted to stay with her forever.

Even today, Kamu-chan is thinking about Eiko very much as she pet her cats. Isn’t it sweet?

Anyways, summer has come as everyone changed their uniforms because it’s hot outside.

Also, Tamate and Eiko brought some ice cream to eat because they want to cool themselves down.

This includes Kamuri as she licked Eiko’s ice cream. Although it looks so lewd, but Kamu-chan is liking it!

On the other hand, it turns out that she forgot to wear a skirt. Wow, I guess Kamu-chan think about Eiko too much.

Meanwhile, here’s Eiko Tokura as she went to a bookstore to buy something. Nothing usual going on here.

But for Hana-chan and the rest, they tailed on Eiko from a distance. Um girls, I don’t think you should do that!

However, Kamuri went in to see Eiko again because she really miss her so much.

Then again, turns out that this Eiko is not the real one. In fact, this girl is actually Eiko’s doppelganger.

And everyone is shocked to see someone who is similar to Eiko. Well Hana-chan and Tama-chan, better protect the real Eiko Tokura from this doppelganger!

However, the real Eiko Tokura stepped in to clear up some misunderstanding as she introduce this girl to her friends.

This is Miki Tokura who is Eiko’s little sister and she’s about to enter high school next year. But man, I’d say that Miki (or Mickey) looked similar to Eiko if the latter removed her hair pin.

In any case, looks like everything is resolved on this episode as Kamuri felt relieved that the real Eiko is here.

Well, I’m glad that it’s all’s well that ends well as both Hana Ichinose and Tamate Momochi are crying over this sweet moment… except for Miki Tokura.

Anyways, I’ll see you next time!

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