Yuru Camp Episode #06

Here’s Rin Shima as she’s staying at the library because it’s so comfy. After a weekend of traveling to Nagano (which she finally found a hot springs on her way home), Shimarin can’t wait for the next camping trip.

On the other hand, seems that Rin found a package. Oh, the brown one? That’ll be given to Nadeshiko Kagamihara later.

In any case, Rin Shima opened the package which turned out to be a compact campfire grill.

Not only it’s portable, this grill is perfect for those who want to cook meats and veggies or start a campfire safely at the grasslands.

Then again, Ena Saitou called it as a small offering box. Oh please Ena-chan, you’re joking us!

By the way, here’s Nadeshiko Kagamihara as she’s sleeping at the library. I guess this place is so comfy that she might sleep here.

Of course, no one likes to sleep at the library because you might get yourself locked out when the door and school gate closes.

Therefore, Rin Shima wake Nadeshiko Kagamihara up by kicking her in the butt!

Now that Nadeshiko has finally woke up, Rin gave her a souvenir from Nagano which is chocolate ganache manju. Just eat it right away after getting it.

Anyways, time for another weekend trip as Sakura Kagamihara ferries Nadeshiko to the campsite near Lake Shibire.

Oh, and Rin Shima is joining the ride too. Yeah, she’s looking forward for this camping trip since Shimarin will use her compact campfire grill.

But first, they need to buy some meat and veggies at a supermarket near the highway.

On the other hand, both Nadeshiko and Rin met Aoi Inuyama as she’s currently working part-time. Maybe she’s saving up money for another camping trip in the future.

In any case, looks like it’s time for Sakura-san to drop both Nadeshiko and Shimarin at the camp site as she’ll head home. Of course, she’ll pick them up on the next day!

Now then, it’s time for Nadeshiko and Rin to enjoy cooking meals at the grill and see the great scenery near Lake Shibire!

Unfortunately, Nadeshiko learned that Lake Shiribe has ghosts and she’s afraid of it that Nadeshiko fell down. C’mon, I don’t think that there are ghost on this camp site.

In any case, let’s hope that their trip is smooth-sailing on the next episode!

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